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Liz's Visiting (standard:romance, 2453 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Oct 13 2002Views/Reads: 2034/1299Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Liz's visit to Zac and the Sinking Ed (edited) This is the first of the series.

The band was called Sinking Ed. Consisted of four young men who looked
like any other hardcore band members. Spiky, sometimes multi-colored 
hair. The black outfits, sometimes leather. The chains, the rings, the 
piercing, the tattoos. And collective screeching screams of female 
fans, which they had quite a number beside some fanatic hardcore 
junkies. They just started out the path to the bright light of their 
career. After signing on their first contract with a big record 
company, they started out their tour on promoting their first big label 
album, Stinking Ed. Very, brilliantly creative. 

Zac Filmore was the drummer. You know, the serious looking one behind
the drum set? Not necessarily have to be smart, just serious looking. 
Zac had it all in him. He may not the most famous guy in the bunch, no 
drummer could get more famous then the, let's say, bassist. The 
vocalist of course would always steal the limelight. Filmore did not 
only have the serious look, but also the mystery. No one really knows 
anything about Zac Filmore, the band didn't talk about him, the manager 
wasn't focusing on him, fans cared more about Neal Laettner-he's the 
vocalist. So that left us nothing to discuss. Come on, he's just the 
guy who hit the sticks to almost every surface acoustics. 

The crew, on the other hand, who had been with the guys for over three
months now since the beginning of their tour, had grown more 
interested. Especially the girls in the wardrobe department-yes, they 
did have stage costumes although it looked no different then their 
daily basis clothing and apparels. 

That day, Zac Filmore asked someone to pick up his girl who he said was
going to come with the ten o'clock bus. The roadies were excited. 
Filmore's girlfriend? What does she like? Every now and then they 
occasionally bumped up to a bunch of hysterical chicks that'd give 
anything to be with their idol star. The boys deliberately took the 
offer, because, hey, it's free. There's nothing wrong with having a 
little fun after working so hard and spending so many hours cramped in 
their tour bus. The bus was not a luxury because they only had just 
sold two hits single. They needed like about ten to actually have a 
home on wheels. Anyway, Filmore seemed to pass on his chances. He got 
carried away once or twice, partying with his compadres, but he never 
let the girl stayed with him. He always sent them away that the crew 
began to think he was homosexual. Today they knew he wasn't. He's just 
a sweet guy who believed in monogamy. 

He showed Jack Crenz, the guy who had to pick the girlfriend at the bus
station, the picture he had on her. It was very small; he cut it from 
somewhere, no doubt a lot bigger photograph, and put it on his wallet. 
All Crenz could made out was that she had brown hair and a sweet smile. 
He would make a sign for her, he thought. 

'Now, her name is Liz DiMarco. She's about this tall', Filmore raised
his arms at level with his shoulders, 'and she's very beautiful. You go 
and pick her up for me. And if she wanted to stop somewhere before 
going here, you do what she says, OK? Treat her like a queen, man' 

'Sure thing, Zac' 

'Thank you very much!', he shook Crenz's hand and patted his shoulder.
He would made sure this Crenz guy will get a chance for a promotion or 
something, he's been very kind. 

Crenz left the motel with Natalie Gibson, the girl who's responsible for
the makeup whenever Sinking Ed had interviews with TV or magazines. He 
told her about the girl they were supposed to pick up for Zac Filmore. 

'You know, she's probably the one he ever talked about beside Pamela
Anderson', Gibson replied to Crenz brief explanation. 


'Sure. Well, he never talked too much you know, him being very quiet
like that. But I remember now that on some occasions he did mention 
about this Liz girl. At the time I didn't know it was his girlfriend. I 
thought he was gay' 

'Naah, the man's cool, you know. He's a good guy. Doesn't he have a
tattoo of Liz or some sort?' 

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