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Sophia's Birthday (standard:other, 517 words)
Author: Ubi5kAdded: Oct 18 2002Views/Reads: 1930/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's Sophia's birthday, find out how it turns out.

Sophia's Birthday 

Today is Sophia's birthday, she is four years old. 

She climbed out of bed and grabbed her favorite pet, her kitty fluffy
and together they go downstairs into the living room. 

"Fluffy," She says to her kitty. "I don't see a birthday here. Come on
we better find mommy, she'll know where my birthday is, she can find 

So the two of them hurried into the kitchen where they found mommy
making breakfast. 

Sophia asked her mommy. "Have you seen my birthday? I haven't seen it

"It's not time for your birthday party yet Sophia, but you  go on and
get dressed we are going to  the market right after breakfast." 

"Where is everybody?" She asked mommy. 

"Well your brothers are still sleeping and your daddy is out cutting the

Sophia took her cat and  they both went upstairs to get dressed. She was
very careful to put on her favorite pink dress. 

"I think you better stay here Fluffy and watch for my birthday." 

After breakfast Sophia and her brother Jessie Cleared the dishes off the

"Let's go Sophia," Called Mommy. "We have alot to do today." 

Their first stop was at the shoe store. 

"It's time for a new pair of shoes for my little angel, now you look
around and see what you like." 

Carefully Sophia looked at all the many shoes in  front other, searching
until she finally found the most beautiful pair of shoes she had ever 

"Oh mommy I really like these ones, their pretty." She beamed as she
tried them on.They were white with a pink flower on them. "Can we buy 

"Of course dear." Mommy paid for the shoes and Sophia wore them out. 

Their next stop was the pet store to buy Fluffy some cat food. 

Sophia loved the pet store, she always took the time to  look at all the
animals, but most of all she loved to visit a bird named Cookie. Sophia 
loved this bird because every time she came to visit him he would dance 
on his perch. But when she got to cookie's cage he was gone. 

"Oh no!" She cried "Mommy Cookie is gone." 

"Oh, Im sorry Sophia, but this is a store after all, Someone must have
bought him. Don't worry though I'm  sure they'll love him as much as 
you did." 

Sophia was sad now, so sad in fact that she forgot about looking for her

As they drove home all sophia could think about was Cookie. 

When they got home they walked in the house and what did Sophia see? 

Her birthday. 

There were balloons and cake and her family and all her  friends. And
right on the table all wrapped with a bow was a great big preasent. 

She went to the present and took off the bow. She ripped off the paper
and what did she find? 

It was her friend cookie dancing on his perch. 

And everyday after her fourth birthday Sophia, Fluffy, and their new
friend Cookie laughed and played together and were all very happy. 


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