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Jessie And The Dinosaur (standard:other, 505 words)
Author: Ubi5kAdded: Oct 23 2002Views/Reads: 2022/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Join Jessie on the adventure of his life.


Jessie loved toys and of all his toys Jessie most loved his dinosaur. 

Jessie loved all kinds of dinosaurs, big ones, little ones, nice ones,
scary ones. Most of all he loved his red dinosaur. 

His name was Fred. 

Jessie always took Fred everywhere with him. He took him in the car, in
the bath, and he even hid Fred in his desk at school. 

One day while walking home from school, Jessie found a cave. 

That looks like a dinosaur cave. Jessie thought. 

He walked into the cave to see what it looked like inside. 

Jessie knew there were no dinosaurs, but he still wished there would be
just one inside. He got all the way in and realized there was no 
dinosaur so he walked out of the cave, but when he got outside 
everything looked different. There were giant trees, and tall grass, 
and even gigantic flowers. He soon realized that he did not come out 
the same place he went in. 

He walked around until he saw something strange. It was a little red
hill next to some big flowers. Jessie walked closer to the hill. Just 
as he got close enough to see it, he heard a voice say hello. 

“Who said that?” Jessie asked. 

“I did.“ It sounded like the voice was coming from the red hill. 

“Is someone there?“ Jessie asked. 

“I am here.” said the voice and from behind the flowers out popped a

“Who are you?” Jessie asked him. 

“My name is Fred.” 

“Can you come out of there Fred and show me how to get back home?” 

“Sure I can.” And as Fred came out Jessie realized that Fred was the red
hill. He was a dinosaur; a red one named Fred. 

“What is going on here?” Jessie asked him. 

“This is what you wished for so many times that it came true.” Jessie
didn't understand how this could happen but he was so happy he didn't 
care. His friend was here to play with him. 

They started to play hide and seek, which was very fun for Jessie
because Fred was very easy to find. Then Fred let Jessie climb on his 
back and slide down his tail, that was so much fun that they did it 
over and over, until they were both so tired that they laid down to 
rest and before they knew it, it was getting dark. 

“Jessie you better get home.“ The dinosaur took Jessie back to the cave
that he had come from. 

“But I don't want to leave you Fred.” 

“Oh Jessie don't worry, we will always be friends.” 

“Goodbye Fred, I will miss you.“ Jessie walked back into the cave and
when he came out he was home again. 

Jessie knew if he told anyone what happened they wouldn't believe him so
he just took his toy dinosaur and went to bed so he could dream about 
all the fun they had together and how one day they would play again. 


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