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Call Me Rastus (standard:other, 617 words)
Author: PeterFromOZAdded: Nov 21 2002Views/Reads: 2017/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A cat called Rastus talks about his owner.

Call Me Rastus 

© 1997-2000 Peter E. Williams 

Rastus is the name. My previous owner called me that because I'm all
grey in colour. Us Korat cats are all like that, just a solid grey from 
nose to tail. My name was his idea of a little joke, but I don't think 
that he meant anything derogatory by it. After all, I know for a fact 
that he loved me. 

He picked me out from my mum's litter - my brothers and sisters and me
had been advertised for free in the local paper. I was only about eight 
weeks old then, that was when Peter, my first owner, came around and 
picked me out for himself. I remember that he jangled his keys in front 
of us, and I started to play with them. That's when I heard him say, 
"I'll take this one", to my mum's owner, and he picked me up. 

I could tell from the moment that he picked me up that somehow, even
though I didn't like leaving the other kittens, that he really loved 
me. I could tell that he was an ailurophile - that's 'human' for cat 

One of the advantages of having a cat, like me, is that we'll always
give you lots of unconditional love. And me, I'm basically a lap cat, 
so you can count on me to keep your lap warm on a cold night. I really 
enjoyed just sitting on Peter as he used his computer. I'd sit and 
sleep and keep his lap warm as he'd do whatever on that thing - typing 
away endlessly. 

I also loved to lay on my back on Peter's lap, with my legs in the air,
and have my tummy and chin endlessly tickled and rubbed. Yes sir, I can 
take lots of that. 

I spent a couple of years with Peter, growing up and having a lot of fun
discovering all sorts of new things that I'd never seen before - like 
just playing with a ball of string as Peter would knit away making 
something. I don't think either of us could decide what he was making. 

I also loved to chase things, like a piece of string or strip of paper
that Peter would run around on the floor for me to chase. I was always 
full of beans. When I was a kitten, I would even amuse myself by 
sitting on the floor and run around in circles, chasing my own tail. 
It's great fun! I'd recommend chasing your tail to anyone as a form of 

Once, as a youngster, I was sitting on the floor and had been chasing my
tail and was feeling a little bit frustrated because I hadn't caught 
it, so Peter lent down to me and put my tail up near my face. Well, I 
grabbed it with both of my front paws and took a big bite. Boy, was I 
ever surprised! It was then that I knew it was attached to me and 
really felt it. 

We moved quite a few times to different homes - flats and houses. But,
eventually Peter had to leave his last home and move out, and he 
couldn't find anywhere that would let him keep me as a pet for him. So, 
Peter ended up giving me to the RSPCA, who found me a new home after a 
few days staying there. It was quite scary there and I sure was 
relieved when my current owner took me away from there. 

I wonder where he is and what he's doing now, and if he ever thinks of
me. Then again, I'm sure that he does. I sure miss him. 


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