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We Didn't Know Him (standard:poetry, 288 words)
Author: Chris MichlewiczAdded: Nov 26 2002Views/Reads: 1864/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two youths driving through the desert run into trouble that they caused

'Spray it clean' she said to me 
But I just turned away
The man was dead, not coming back
In the seat he lay

The windows dripped with colored life
And I just stared right through
Against the door I noticed that
He wore a muddy shoe

'Clean it up' she begged to me
But I would not concede
'It's your fault' I said to her
'You should make it clean'

She began to cry
And didn't say a word
Just let her go, she's done it now
The deadly shot I heard

On an empty road we were
Clear away from nothing
We desperate two sat in the car
In the sun baking

Fighting like we didn't care
In a tight situation
No where to turn, go head west
'Should we make a run?'

She looked at me
Eyes welled up
'Leave him here?' I said
'Then do what?'

'Bury him good
So no one will see
What you've done
Is not on me'

I lost myself
Not sure of what to do
Eyed the man, his body drained
'It's really up to you'

"Then let's go
I've seen enough
Did you have to prove
That you're so tough?'

'He wanted you
You let him in
We've both committed 
Mortal sin'

'Than we'll do it
Have to now
Before someone comes
No other way out'

We set him down and covered him
The sand over his face
Good enough, the trace was gone
Let's hit the empty space

The west was dry
And draped in sun
And out the window
Went the gun

'So worried now that we'll be caught
What do you have to say?'
She sat quiet, behind us far
In the sand he'd stay


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