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What You Missed (standard:poetry, 206 words)
Author: PuckAdded: Nov 06 2000Views/Reads: 2451/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about growing up without a father.

Do you remember the time you loved 

and cherished me; a brand new body 

you helped to bring into this world? 

When you rocked me and sung lullabies; 

tickled my toes and kissed me goodnight? 

Neither do I. 

Do you remember when you saw me 

take that first step? Or when you taught me 

how to play the piano like you? 

Or, when I went to kindergarten, did you 

cry when you realized you had lost your baby? 

I didnít think so. 

Do you remember helping me pull out 

my first loose tooth? Or when you signed me up for 

the Sugar Babies to play Pee Wee baseball? 

When I got my first hit and instead 

of running to first base, ran to second? 

Probably not. 

How about my first day of high school? 

Or Homecoming? Maybe my senior prom? 

My first broken heart? Getting my driverís 

license and buying my Chevy Monza? 

Or when I graduated from high school? 

No, you most likely donít. 

Do you remember when you left me 

at eight months old, only to return 

eleven years later, with only 

an apology and a want to 

take on the responsibility 

a father should always have had for 

his child? 

So do I. 


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