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Harry Lomack's Dilemma (standard:other, 893 words)
Author: kendall thomasAdded: Dec 13 2002Views/Reads: 2237/1401Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An armoured car guard becomes a hostage.

~Harry Lomack's Dilemma~ 

By Twisted Wabbit 


Young Harry Lomack and old Bill Willis were armored car guards.  They'd
been covering the same route for over three years now.  Today would be 
different.   They were scheduled to transfer a large shipment of 
currency from the main bank,  Ohio National Savings & Loan, to its new 
Riverside branch on Harrington Road. 

When Bill pulled the car up in front of the main branch Harry got out
and opened the rear door with his key, then sauntered into the bank 
while Bill remained by the rear of the car. 

In a few minutes, Harry came out accompanied by the bank manager, each
lugging a white, leather-topped, canvas bag with padlocked staples.  No 
one noticed the long-haired man in a brown tweed jacket get out of a 
Ford Explorer and approach the armored car until it was too late. 

The man pulled a .45 automatic from beneath his coat and opened fire,
killing old Bill and the bank manager instantly.  Quickly, he picked up 
one of the money bags in his free hand and with his pistol motioned 
Harry toward the Explorer. 

After Harry had tossed his bag into the back of the car, as ordered, the
man took Harry's pistol and told him to get down on the floor of the 
passenger's side.  The man tossed his bag in and got behind the wheel, 
squealing rubber as he gunned the car away from the bank and down the 
street, narrowly missing an old lady in the middle of a crosswalk. 

Trembling, scrunched up in a ball, Harry was certain he was about to
die.  He murmured a short, heartfelt pray, hoping against hope that the 
man would let him go. 

After what seemed an eternity, Harry felt the car swerve dramatically
and begin bouncing along what must have been a badly rutted dirt road.  
He could hear the scrapping of shrubs or branches against the sides of 
the car. Then the car came to a dead stop.  Harry held his breath as he 
heard the ignition click off. 

“All right, out!” the man ordered.  “Don't try anything stupid and you
won't get hurt.” 

Harry watched, hands on his head, as the man pulled out the bags of
money and tossed them on the ground.  They were somewhere in the 
country concealed by thickets and towering trees.  There was the 
occasional sound of an insect buzzing by or the faint twitter of a 
bird.  These were going to be the last sounds he would ever hear, Harry 
was sure. 

The man ignored the padlocks and, kneeling down, cut open the bags with
a switchblade. 

Harry's eyes widened as piles of green hundred dollar bills, neatly
packaged, were shook out onto the thick blanket of forest grass.  For 
the first time in his life Harry felt a burgeoning twinge of avarice. 

The man glanced at Harry, and, as if reading his mind, grinned. 

“Nice, ain't it?  Must be near four million dollars here.  Ironic, ain't
it.  Here we are workin' our asses off barely able to pay our bills and 
living like peasants while the rich have all this.  Don't seem fair 
does it?  Ah, well, it don't matter for you,” the man said rising 
slowly to his feet.  “Cause where you're goin' you won't need any 

Harry would have begged, but he knew it wouldn't do any good. 

The man pointed his gun at Harry's head, but just as he started to pull
the trigger an insect buzzed him throwing his aim off.  It was Harry's 
last chance.  The shot went wild.  Harry leaped forward, wrestling the 
man to the ground.  They struggled violently, cursing, grasping, 
groaning.  Then another shot punctuated the air with a snap.  The man 

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