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We're done (standard:drama, 496 words)
Author: codyblakeAdded: Dec 18 2002Views/Reads: 2277/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story about work.

Today we finished work out in Caroline.  No more hour commute to work,
and back.  We're done!  Finally!  The house is built, from the basement 
up.  The garage is done, a day of trusses lifted up in the air then 
flipped from upside down to right side up and already we're walking on 
them before they're even nailed it shit it's just a little piece of 
wood held together with some little piece of metal but it's got a stamp 
on it and that makes it stronger because math is holding it together 
and it's holding us up.  And all the eight inch nails have been driven 
through and in, done.  The flooring is down and there's no more hopping 
from joist to joist it's shiny and soft don't drop a tool on it it'll 
get dented and I can see the plugs that I shouldn't have used but no 
one else ever will and this room isn't quite square but no one will 
ever whip out the tape measure.  The door trim is kinda crooked but 
hell it looks good from my house!  No more climbing up the steep roof 
to nail the roof caps on and no more mortising the doors to put the 
little shiny cold gold colored hinges with the hinge set popping out at 
least and no more jointing that one down, just one run over the 

Today it's time to pack up, put all the tools in the truck.  Extra nails
and plywood too.  Roofing nails, stainless, 3 inch screws, 16's, gutter 
spikes, felt paper and ice shield, boxes of flashing, yellow paint 
chipped off scaffolding, plasti-top mason nails, roof jacks and pump 
jacks and braces and standoffs, sandpaper, orbital sanders, air 
nailers, coil nails, ladders, home made sturdy sawhorses, miter boxes, 
skil saws, screw guns, chisels, awls, screwdrivers, cordless circular 
saws, and all everything else in the truck pack it in, who's gonna 
unpack it today, doesn't matter just get it in lets get out of here.  
Pick up and sweep throw it in the bucket we're done here, lets just 
make it look presentable. 

Today we're done out in Caroline the house is done.  We've built a house
from the ground up.  My own hands built it, my sweat has soaked into 
the timbers, my swear words bounced off the walls, my own hammer left 
dents in the studs standing strong and nails were pounded in by me.  
The pretty siding is up where I put it and I've built a house.  People 
will live there for years and years and I can drive by some day when 
I'm an old man and say, I built that house.  That pretty house right 
there, if you look at the quarter round in the upstairs bathroom on the 
south wall you'll see it's homemade cause we ran short of pre fab 
material.  We built that house and now we're leaving.  We're done. 

Tomorrow I have to go to work. 


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