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The Perfect Gift: A Christmas Story (standard:Inspirational stories, 6016 words)
Author: LadybugAdded: Dec 18 2002Views/Reads: 3196/1683Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Christine has the holiday blues. She is stressed over the responsibility of caring for her younger sister, Abbey who was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Effects. In the middle of a hectic season, Christine discovers the real meaning of Christmas and what


The air was cold and blustery.  The thick, fluffy clouds resembling
flocks of sheep hovered across the sky with the threat of yet another 
snow storm.  Maryland residents were not particularly fond of driving 
in snow, although in the last few years they had their share of 
inclement weather.   It was a chance each winter.  Some years were much 
milder without any accumulation, and then there were other years where 
if you didn't feel comfortable driving, you stayed indoors! 

Christine parked her car in the back of the store.  There were several
mountains of plowed snow near the already crowded parking lot.  This 
was her second week at a new job.  She was home for the holidays and 
wanted to earn some Christmas money to buy gifts for her family.  
Seeing a "help wanted" sign hanging on the inside display window of the 
large "Funtime Toy Factory", she decided to apply since she had some 
retail experience working at the bookstore on campus.  The manager had 
hired her on the spot and had her begin her training the next day.   
She knew the holidays were a very hectic time.  She underestimated how 
much stress it would entail. 

"Do you have anymore of these radio controlled sports cars?" a tall,
slim middle-aged man inquired pointing to a customer in line who had 
grabbed the last "classic remote sportster." 

"I'm sorry, we are waiting on another shipment." Christine stretched her
neck above the tower of boxes that a woman with two young, irritable 
children was building on the counter. 

"When do you expect the order to arrive?" The man persisted inching his
way towards the front. 

"Friday morning, after 10:00 AM," Christine momentarily glanced up and
saw the agitated lines of frustration on his face.  The man had short 
dark hair, with a hint of grey along each sideburn and dark, velvety 
blue eyes.   The female customer loudly cleared her throat. 

"Oh, will that be cash or credit card?" Christine asked slightly
flushed.  The line was now at least ten deep.  "Cash!" the woman 
answered as she turned and sternly reprimanded her children for their 
impatience.  "I need assistance at aisle 5," Christine spoke into the 
intercom.  She hoped the sound of desperation wasn't as noticeable to 
others as it was to her.  She saw the man turn abruptly, mumbling 
something under his breath as he headed towards the exit. 

Chapter 2 

Ten long hours later, Christine pulled in front of a single family home
where she lived with her aunt and younger sister, Abigail. 

"Christine! Come quick and look at the Christmas decorations!" the
energetic, bright-eyed girl with shoulder length golden curls bounced 
into the living room. 

Christine was exhausted, yet smiled at her over zealous younger sister. 
"Okay, let me get up." 

The young girl eagerly watched as her older sister pushed herself off
the couch and followed her into the family room where a 6' artificial 
evergreen tree stood looking majestically over the room.  Several 
cardboard boxes marked "Christmas" up the side, were piled on top of 
each other. 

"Gracie says we can trim the tree after dinner," her shiny, emerald eyes
danced in hopes of an affirmative reply. 

"Sure," Christine sighed thinking perhaps she would get some energy
after eating a bite to eat. 

She watched as Abigail, Abbey for short, rushed into the kitchen where
their Aunt Grace was emptying a large pot of beef stew into several 
soup bowels. 

Christine remembered the day she and her younger sibling moved in with
her mother's sister permanently. 

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