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the forest (standard:other, 371 words)
Author: raevynAdded: Dec 31 2002Views/Reads: 1864/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
fog twists our sorrow...

she walked through the deadened forest in long, slow strides.  her face
was lowered, her eyes towards the brush along the brush along the 
forest floor.  her mind was focused on his face, the eyes that searched 
her soul, the lips that so gently kissed her own.  she remembered his 
strong arms that held her so tightly. 

she longed for them now. 

a single tear slid from her eye to her cheek and rested on her lips. 

in her mind's eye, she ran with him in the clouds.  the fog gathered as
they sprinted through it, chasing them in waves.  they laughed and 
frolicked between the tombstones, occasionally stopping to pay respect 
to the dead. 

"rest in peace," he'd say after changing faces.  "rest in peace." 

the forest finally cut away and opened to what seemed to be a clear
field.  the low fog lulled the scenery to one fresh with death. 

with her long black cloaks and bundle of daisies that hung at her side,
she seemed to fit right in. 

she entered the field, her pace slowing as she sighed shakily.  she made
her way between the headstones, his own locked in her memory. 

she passed others that were familiar to her and paused to touch them
with the tips of her fingers.  she finally reached the row where her 
lover lay.  she solemnly walked down it and approached the newest 

bowing from sorrow, an old willow tree comforted her with its leafy
tears.  she placed her hand on the cold tombstone and sobbed quietly.  
she lowered herself to her knees and began to dig a small hole.  she 
gently removed the freshly turned earth from its place in the puzzle 
and replaced it with the daisies.  she covered the roots gingerly and 
made sure the flowers stayed upright.  the daisies, wilty with her 
warmth, flopped over admist her hands protest.  daisies had always been 
his favorite and she lived to please him, as he did her. 

she dusted her hands off and lifted herself from the dirt.  she kissed
her hand and laid it on the stone. 

the fog rushed in with the wind, making her long black cloaks and long,
slow strides disappear into the forest. 


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