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Sister's Blood(Chapter One) (standard:horror, 1546 words)
Author: Amanda_C_BrownAdded: Jan 05 2003Views/Reads: 2425/1491Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Kylie Starling will stop at nothing to avenge the death of her older sister, Alexia...Alexia's death and Kylie's avengeful quest is unraveled through the eyes of a young man named Colby Jordan.

As the cold winter snow fell upon the small town of Windom, I began to
wonder and think a lot..about everything. I didn't know that soon I 
would have one gruesome tale to think about. But eventually I did. I 
was twenty that year, 1994 and the town was a small 
everyone-knows-everyone place with a genuine air to it. 

One family most well known in Windom was the Starlings. They lives in a
large mansion at the top of Winter Hill. Thomas Starling had died in 
1992 in a tragic car accident, leaving his wife Ellen with their nine 
daughters. In '94 I can remember exactly the names and ages of the nine 
blond, blue-eyed Starling daughters. 

Aurora was the youngest daughter at three, and Tamra was four. There was
a ten year gap between Tamra and daughter Cheyanne, 14. Charlotte was 
15, Breanna was 16, Natasha was 17, twins Kylie and Emily were 18 and 
the oldest, Alexia was 19. The Starling daughters were by far the most 
beautiful girls imaginable, and every guy in Windom and nearby towns 
hoped to catch one of their eyes. The slim, busty figures, bright 
blonde hair and baby blue eyes were not easy to ignore. 

For some reason two of the Starling daughters had their eye on me. Emily
was much shier, or so it seemed, and Alexia was a bit more outspoken. 
However, Alexia's fiance was not someone I was willing to risk fighting 
over a girl I barely knew. Emily, therefore, became very close to me. 
But that winter would make everything corrupted. 

The snow had momentarily stopped on one frosty day and I was alone in my
apartment sketching my two dogs and my cat lying together next to the 
fireplace when my phone rang shrilly through the air. Startled, my dogs 
began barking and I made my way to the phone, answering it. Within 
minutes my heart had stopped and I was choked in disbelief. 

Kylie Starling had called to bear the most hideous news; Alexia was dead
and Emily was nowhere to be found. I immediately thought Emily had been 
kidnapped, but who would have done that to her? And kill Alexia? In a 
small town like Windom is made no sense...I hung up with Kylie and 
grabbed my coat and boots, making my way out to the car and driving to 
the Starling place. 

My appearance was not welcomed by Natasha, who had never liked me in the
first place. She immediately began screaming at her mother that I was 
the murderer and kidnapper. I stood astonished next to Kylie who 
grabbed her sister and took her into a different room. Their mother sat 
crying at the dining room table and I made my way over to her. "Ellen, 
have you called the police?" The woman shook her head. I sighed. "I'll 
tend to that then..." 

The police came and took the body of Alexia away, and searched the house
for clues. Their suspect was Emily herself. I was shocked. This could 
not be happening. A few hours later I said my goodbyes and went home 
with two new responsibilities-Tamra and Aurora. I had promised to take 
care of them for a few days. 

When I walked into my apartment I was dumbfounded. Emily sat on my couch
with a look on her face like nothing in the world was different. Aurora 
and Tamra yelled in unision their sister's name but I grabbed them both 
as they tried to run to her. "You two hafta go sit in the kitchen for a 
few minutes, okay? You can play with my dogs." I took the girls and 
called my dogs into the kitchen then retreated to the living room. 

"Emily, where the hell have you been?" I questioned. 

She looked at me with a cold stare. "I'm going to tell you something,
Colby,and you can't tell a soul. If you do, I swear I'll kill you. Do 
you understand me?" 

I paused but eventually nodded-I loved her after all. "I promised,

"Good." She smirked like she had just taken my soul. "I killed Alexia." 

I felt like I was about to pass out as those words rolled so freely off
her tongue. " what!?" I couldn't think. "Emily, what do you 
mean? Why?" I was desperate for her answers. 

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