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Wart-like growth (standard:science fiction, 386 words)
Author: TriAdded: Jan 11 2003Views/Reads: 2539/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
We infected them.

These should have been joyful times. One of the greatest events in
humanity's existence had occurred. The first extra-terrestrial contact, 
a visitor from another planet. He arrived in peace and during his stay 
all of mankind celebrated. The problems began after he had returned to 
his planet. A communication was received, the alien had brought back a 
virus from Earth, it was spreading quickly. 

Scientists asked for more details. Naturally, they wanted to help. A
photo arrived of a large wart-like growth. It was on someone's nose. 

`It always grows in the same place,' the aliens said. 

The governments of Earth initiated a massive campaign. TV
advertisements, billboards and compulsory health screenings in schools 
and churches. 

`We must find the carriers,' was the message conveyed, `it's our only
hope of finding a cure.' 

Weeks passed and a million warts and verrucae were inspected. None
matched the photo. The public grew restless and soon the question was 
quietly asked, `how can they be sure they caught it from us?' Then when 
an answer failed to materialize the question became an aggressive 

Politicians saw an opportunity to gain some public approval and with
strong language told the aliens that the good people of Earth would not 
put up with false accusations. All contact with the aliens was 
terminated and the world settled down to it's wars and bickering. 

Throughout these events a child grew. The first human reared in an
artificial womb. A dark rubber sack covered in tubes and sensors. The 
birth was to be televised and people gathered around their TV sets to 
watch the careful cutting of the sack. Women cried and men praised the 
wonders of modern science. A baby boy spilled out onto a mat. The 
precious infant. 

Cameras zoomed in and everywhere people clasped their breasts. This boy,
this child, this human free from disease. Grown in a sterile 
environment where there had been no mother to pass a virus onto her 
son. `He doesn't have nipples,' a doctor screamed in unison with a 
billion viewers. Everyone now understood the wart-like growth. Everyone 
now knew why men had nipples. It was an illness, afflicting mankind 
from the moment Eve infected Adam. 


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