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Jimmy & Bobby (standard:fantasy, 2998 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Jan 12 2003Views/Reads: 1877/1126Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story od two young boys who were so different on the out side but on the inside they were as one.

Jimmy & Bobby Chapter One 

This is a story about two 12-year-old boys that are almost alike on the
inside but total opposite on the outside.  Jimmy came from a very close 
and loving family. Jimmy had a sister 13 years old.  Julia was a very 
smart and lovely little girl.  Every Sunday morning you could find this 
family in church.  Jimmy was a small but very smart little boy.  At 
school Jimmy was the favorite for the two bullies of his class to pick 
on.  They knew Jimmy couldn't or wouldn't do any thing about it. 

Bobby was a whole different story.  He was large for his age and nobody
talked to him because they were afraid of him.  He never bothered any 
one and he had no friends.  He sat at the back of the class and he 
always had his head in one of his schoolbooks.  As much as he studied 
he just barely got passing grades. 

Bobby had no family life at all.  His Mom & Dad both did drugs and they
had no time for him.  He lived down town in one of the roughest 
neighborhoods in that city.  One reason he stayed by his self at school 
was because that was the way it was at home.  What he eats he prepared 
and purchased his-self with the money he earned. 

The reason he kept his head in his books at school was because that was
the only time he got to study.  He worked after school and if his Dad 
saw one of his books he would tear it up.  Bobby stayed away from his 
Mom and Dad as much as he could.  He knew they would hurt him if he got 
in their way.  No one ever knew but Bobby would hide in the corner 
every night and listen to the fighting and the bad drug deals that went 

Bobby would lay there and hide because he wasn't allowed to cry.  His
Dad would beat him for that because that showed a sign of weakness.  
His Dad said the only friends you are ever to have are in a needle.  
Bobby was terrified that his Mom or Dad or one of their friends would 
shoot him up with drugs.  He had already made up his mind if that 
happened he would take his life. 

Bobby would lay there with tears running down his cheeks and wonder what
is Jimmy doing.  He would think Oh what it would be like to be him just 
for one day.  One day Bobby hid out in front of Jimmy's house because 
he knew Jimmy's Mom waited outside for him.  When he got within a block 
of her he would see her and then run toward her as fast as his legs 
would carry him.  When he got to her their arms would go around each 
other and Jimmy would get a hug that would last and last.  Bobby 
thought that but it was only a few seconds.  Bobby had never been 
hugged.  The only touch he had ever received from is a parent was the 
back of a hand. Bobby hated his life because that was all he knew. 
After Jimmy would get his hug he would run up stairs and bury his face 
in his pillow and dream what it would be like just to be Bobby one day. 
Jimmy would pray, “Oh! Father. Why did you make me so little and so 
afraid. Why didn't you make me like Bobby?  No one ever bothers him 
because they know what he can do.  Thank you for all the things you 
have given me. In Jesus name. Amen”.  Than Jimmy would cry his self to 
sleep. His Mom thought he was studying, because Jimmy was a student. 

The next day at school Bobby took his seat in the back of the class and
Jimmy sat closer to the front.  Everyone would look at Bobby just for a 
minute and than they would turn away.  This day Bobby's socks didn't 
match. He knew it but that was all he had.  When one wore out Bobby 
kept the other because he didn't have very many.  That day when all 
were outside except Bobby, all the other kids had a long and hard 
laugh.  They thought this was funny but they didn't tell Bobby. Jimmy 
took up for him that day. Jimmy paid for it because than the bullies 
turned on him.  Jimmy didn't care that day.  Jimmy run as fast as he 
could that day back to the classroom. 

All was there was Bobby & Jimmy.  Jimmy slowly walked toward his seat. 
Bobby looked up at him and Jimmy said Hi Bobby.  Then Jimmy took his 
seat.  That was the first time he had ever said a word to Bobby.  
Slowly kids started entering back into class.  The teacher was not 
present and the last kids to enter were the two bullies.  They walked 
too Jimmy's seat and turned it over with him in it.  Books and paper 
went all over the floor.  They thought this was funny. 

They didn't realize Bobby had got up and was walking toward them.  The

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