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The Forbidden (standard:poetry, 294 words)
Author: StodgyAdded: Jan 15 2003Views/Reads: 1765/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Poem of forbidden love

You are the only one The only one I've loved The only one I long to
touch The only one forbidden 

At one stage when we met I thought of asking you But in thinking, being
myself I feared that fatal thing 

Then you became his, yes him And a warned you to be careful Because I
knew this man, I did my homework And I knew his capabilities 

Then it blossomed, like a flower in spring And you were so so happy I
became his companion, then his best friend And us three were 

You and he were such fools Not to predict his interfering It gave you
trouble and so much strife Helping to drive you apart 

You long his touch, you long his kiss Just as I long yours Both
confessing to me, the link in the broken chain The one you can both 
trust, the one who trusts no one 

I know I'm not the only one suffering Hey I should be use to it by now
But am I, maybe I don't know I just exist, things just happen 

My situation can be called a game A game of mind and skill And knowing
the only way to win Is to take a chance and lose 

I feel like a knight in an ancient battle Guarding his Queen signally
While his King has not given the order I would sacrifice myself if it 
could just save her 

Now I am torn between love and loyalty Ready to do anything for you or
him Because you both are my existence The only one's I'll never 

You are the only one The only one I've loved The only one I long to
touch The only one forbidden The Forbidden 


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