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Untitled-2 (standard:poetry, 360 words)
Author: UnsunAdded: Nov 11 2000Views/Reads: 2185/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

The axe of the exectutioner is a formidable foe. All shining steel,
sharp edges and the bitter dead wood of the handle. It exists to kill. 
To undo what is. Poised high above the foul mans head. It glints 
malisciously in the crimson light of a bitter sun. It's fire burning 
fierce and angry. It's efforts mke the day swelteringly hot. heat waves 
rise from the blade and criminal alike. Blurring the outline of the 
gawking crowd. 

There is only the hard maledict steel and the soft nape of the neck,
illuminated by the fierce and fearless sun. The pernicious edge of the 
axe trembles faintly in anticipation, of the fountain of blood, and 
cheers from the crowd tht is to come. It's not here yet but it will be, 
it need only do it's duty and fall cleanly between the lieing man's 
vertabrae, seperating him from life. 

The man is sweating, profusely. He like the crowd is hot from the noon
day sun. And he too just wishes to get on with the blood and the 
cheering. He is bitter that the blade is taking so long " if you're 
going to kill me" he thinks " then you might as well kill me" and he' 
right. If someone is going to die then they might as well die. 

But the blade waits, hovering the carmine sun coloring it's metallic
surface an angry red. Allowing the calm hot breeze to caress it's 
curves and corners. Like a coaxing lover. Until at last the blade gives 
in and falls. 

The death is not what anyone expects it to be. The man knows nothing of
his own demise, he continues to think of how hot the cursed sunis on 
his neck, which for the record he no longer has. And the people recieve 
an unpleasant reminder of their mortality. That they too could end in a 
simple swing like that. That they are indeed human. Fragile complex and 
infinitely mortal. 

And what becomes of the axe you ask? That angry piece of steel used to
put an end to people? It chipped itself on the mans vertabrae. casting 
it into disrepair.......


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