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ASYLUM FOR THE ENEMY (standard:non fiction, 407 words)
Author: adeAdded: Jan 29 2003Views/Reads: 2048/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An article about the escalating problem of asylum seekers in Britain. I would appreciate your views and feedback.


A Taliban soldier who fought against British and American troops in
Afghanistan was today granted asylum in Britain. The soldier argued 
that he has been forced to leave his home country through fear of 
persecution from the new Western backed Government in Kabul. 

Britain has helped rid Afghanistan of The Taliban, the terrorist regime
that deprived its people of basic human rights, and now we are granting 
asylum to one of these terrorists, who fled when we helped liberate the 

This is one of many cases that have made a mockery of British
immigration laws and the judiciary as a whole.        Now in a move, 
both underhand and ineffective, Home Secretary David Blunkett has 
commissioned building contractors to purchase country mansions and 
hotels to house asylum seekers.  These properties are not protected or 
secure and will not prevent asylum seekers from simply melting into the 

The Home Office admits mislaying thousands of immigrants and it is
becoming apparent that Britain has lost control of her borders. A 
generous welfare system is one of the many reasons that Britain is seen 
to be a “golden land” for immigrants. Of course many asylum seekers 
enter Britain with very moving and genuine reasons for doing so, a 
large percentage, however, have been described as bogus refugees or 
“economic immigrants”.  Every year around 100,000 immigrants arrive in 
this country; at least 60,000 of these are here illegally. Less than 
one quarter of these illegal immigrants are sent back, the rest simply 

A majority of asylum seekers are not terrorists, but with the threat of
terrorism so acute it is imperative for national security that we know 
the whereabouts of all those entering our borders.  Asylum has turned 
into mass immigration without the proper means of information. 

Radical measures are needed.  One root of this problem lies with the
British and European judiciary. Both the European Convention on Human 
Rights and the 1951 UN Convention have been extended indiscriminately 
and there is no longer room for logical human morality. 

The Government is not solving the immigration problem facing modern
Britain. Immigrants are crossing our borders without genuine or legal 
reasons and are not being reprimanded for doing so. Immigration has 
always been a contentious issue, granting asylum to those who have 
sought in the past to harm our way of life, can only intensify national 
security fears and anger to tax payers. 


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