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Prayer of an Angel (standard:poetry, 189 words)
Author: AnchelmaloAdded: Feb 07 2003Views/Reads: 1906/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about a love that rises beyond mortality.

‘Midst shackled hearts and broken dreams 

One strongly lighted soul burns brightly. 

‘Mongst mortal flaws-our elusive god's own sins - 

One body lifts above the ground so slightly. 

To human flesh he seems just one of many 

- Just another - but there, behind his eyes, 

I see his charcoal, blackened wings 

Tucked deep and dark beneath his mortal guise. 

Those eyes! God, help me from the fire in those eyes; 

Those hands that touch whilst never coming near; 

His breath emanating the very essence of his power; 

My love for him that almost brinks on fear. 

He unfurls his massive - velvet wings - 

Those eager shadows, black as secret midnight, 

Shining darkly with the mysteries of forever, 

Engulfing me and taking post for flight. 

Soaring within the depths of lover's heaven 

Releasing binds that god would fault to sever, 

He tells me “Hush.  My love, don't cry for me, 

I'll hold you close and we shall fly forever...” 

And so we sit, wing'd silhouettes against the night 

As mortals blindly pass, engulfed in sin. 

We join hands, leaping into flight... 

We are immortal... They call us seraphim 


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