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My savior (standard:poetry, 121 words)
Author: mimosAdded: Nov 17 2000Views/Reads: 2388/9Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a poem about rejection and the feeling that come from it.

A nerous smile 

Sweaty plams run thru dark brown hair 

"I'm sorry" he says, "It just wouldn't work out" 

My ears recieve the message, it is transported to my mind. 

My heart does not break, it runs like molten stone. 

As it runs it leaves a trail. 

Burnt, smoking, scared. 

I turn and leave, never speaking a word. 

Tears run down my face. 

I try to calm myself 

I know a way to end the pain. 

Like magic, a small box appears, 

I flip the latch and reach for my savior. 

The cold metallic taste scares me, 

it clicks against my teeth. 

I am calm again, ready and accepting of my fate. 

A faint click reaches my ears, 

Then nothing more.


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