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Path To Grace (standard:poetry, 240 words)
Author: AnchelmaloAdded: Feb 09 2003Views/Reads: 1908/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
not a very nice night...


Broken dreams, betraying what I love; 

Unspoken seams fraying at the edge; 

Sorrow washes, brimming my heart's shore, 

Yearning for want of you  yours  evermore. 

I hold the scent of you, divine and strong 

Upon my breast where your breast does belong 

Our consecrated bed is mine alone 

And while I sleep, I reach, but you are gone 

Is sorrow shared, or is it rightly mine? 

Oh, could I stay the hand of fate and time. 

No! Our passion's story is not over yet, 

And if you would, I would not you forget. 

For what is shared is shared by only us, 

And my heart, and yours, will not refuse that trust. 

Be still and let what never happened pass; 

We will not be the first that stone to cast. 

My love for thee, beyond all form and shape, 

Is captured in your heart with no escape. 

And I will fight, believe me love, I'll fight, 

For what is yours and mine in every right, 

And fighting thus, if my immortal soul doth choose to leave, 

My heart, with you, remains in you to grieve. 

For never was a truth so hardly done by 

When you, in fury, all our love deny. 

For we are put here to fulfill some unknown quest 

Where love and beauty lay entwined, possessed. 

That path, for us, which fate hath set apart 

Will live forever in grace and in our hearts 


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