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I'll See You Again (standard:other, 1803 words)
Author: Akenshi DoeAdded: Sep 14 2000Views/Reads: 3011/1468Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tom and Rosie like each other a lot. But Tom instead goes out with someone else. Rosie is crushed, but how much? Tom doesn't know, but he'll soon find out.

Tom walked down the street of his small neighborhood after picking up
the mail from the mailbox at the bus stop down the street. He looked 
thru the mail, like he always did, while keeping a careful eye out so 
he knew if a car or something was approaching him. The hot sun glared 
down on him, making him uncomfortably sweaty. He finally reached his 
house. He opened the door and shut it behind him as he slid out of his 
shoes. He dropped the mail off on the kitchen table and took off his 
white T-shirt that was covered in sweat. He walked upstairs into his 
room and turned on the fan, then he plopped onto his bed, staring at 
the fan, spinning round and round. He sighed heavily. He had a boring 
life, or so he calls it. He only lived by a simple purpose. To give and 
help others. To make them happy so to speak. And if someone is 
different, then deal with it. Whether a person is gay or not still 
makes them a person, he thought to himself. He got carried away in his 
thoughts that he didn't hear the phone ringing until the third ring. He 
sprang up and ran to the phone. 

"Hello?" he said, his tired voice making him sound 20 years older. 

"Yo Tom! It's me Sally." 

"Oh, hey. What's up?" he asked. 

"Nothing. Hey, do you think you can go to the movies with me tonight?
Job, Mark, Rita, and Rosie are coming also." 

"Uh....hold on, lemme ask my parents." He set the phone down on the
table that it was on and ran downstairs to his parents' room. His dad 
was watching TV while his mom was in the bathroom. 

"Hey dad, can I go to the movies with Sally and some friends tonight?" 

"......Okay," his dad said. He ran back up and told Sally that he could
go and then hung up. He went back into his room and took a shower. The 
sun was beginning to go down when he finished. He walked to his window, 
still naked, and watched the sun setting. He stared aimlessly at it for 
a while, thinking of things randomly that went away as fast as they 
popped into his head. He got changed and fixed up his hair. He had dark 
blue jeans, a tight black T-shirt, and a jean jacket that he had 
recently got. He waited outside until Sally pulled up in her Explorer. 
He said bye to his parents and ran to the SUV while stuffing a wad of 
cash his dad gave him into his wallet. There was no one in the front 
except Sally so he sat there. 

"Hey Sal," he said. He said hi to everyone else. They got to the theater
after 15 min. They all bought their tickets and waited for Mark, Rita, 
and Rosie to buy their popcorn. Sally was talking to Tom about how some 
guy that was way older than she was tried to hit on her. They laughed 
about it for a while. They were all Tom's best friends. They've known 
each other since they were kids, except for Tom. He moved there 7 years 
earlier. But he managed to make friends with them quick. They all said 
he was a nice guy, never caring for himself, which was his downside. He 
never cared for himself. Only others. Sally was his closest friend. In 
fact, she was the closest person to him. He'd have done anything for 
her, or so he felt. He put an arm around her as they walked toward the 
door where the movie was. 

" little Tommy coming onto me?" Sally teased. 

"Maybe," he replied. He moved closer to her, their bodes touching. He
moved his lips close to her cheek. They were just a centimeter from her 
face, when all of a sudden he pulled her head down to his waist and 
gave her a noogie that made everyone laugh. 

"You fuckin' bastard," she spat out, trying not to be heard. He let her
go and ran as she chased him. They split up and found seats scattered 
throughout the place. Rosie and Rita sat in the middle, Mark and Job in 
the front, and Tom and Sally in the back. Sally laid her head on Tom's 
shoulder midway thru the movie. She wasn't making a move on him and he 
knew that. That's what she liked about him. She could do things with 
him that other boys would think she would to them if she were coming 
onto them. But Tom knew it was a friendly gesture, which it was. He 
made her feel secure and safe. He always told her to find a guy since 
she was complaining about being single. But she never did. And recently 
he was getting attracted to Rosie. She was a nice girl. Short yet well 

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