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Roles of old people (standard:other, 408 words)
Author: asamaAdded: Feb 21 2003Views/Reads: 1980/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It tells us the importance of old people.

“Mom! It's not working and I have lost the instruction book.” Joan
wailed,“ I want to enjoy my new video game.” 

“Wait honey until your father brings you a new instruction book.” came
mother's voice “Don't spoil your new game because you don't know how to 
operate it.” 

Think; think laterally the same idea applies in real life. Think over
it. Well what if you were asked to solve a question related to the 
topic you hadn't had the slightest idea of. Same is the case of old 
people; they act as an instruction book for us. 

Many people have complaints that the old people act as a hindrance in
their wishes but it is not so. If they refrain you from certain acts, 
its not due their authority or their personnel wishes but the act might 
be a similar act that they have passed through and they are familiar 
with the repercussions and does not want you to pass through the same 
painful results. See, they care for us. 

Do you think that history; customs or traditions could prevail without
the people who saw the actual events. These people include the same old 
people who are our ancestors. They are the people who carry out the 
great events of the great heroes from one generation to the next. No 
customs and traditions meant that no differences existed between the 
people of different nations and countries. 

Now reconsider the word “fashion”. What does it imply? Obviously changes
in certain things through a period of time. But think if there was 
nobody to tell us about the life style of previous people we wouldn't 
be able to differentiate the changes and thus unable to use our dearest 

All this information is carried from one generation to the next through
these old people. If there were no old people there would be no 
information of ancient times, no one to guide us and therefore no 
enjoyment of life, as we would be engulfed by mistakes. This world 
would be an entirely new world for every single person. 

As they are providing us with so many facilities of life, I think they
should be highly respected and obeyed because they act as a wealth for 
us all as the quotation goes “old is gold.” 

Note: I am 15 year old and I want you to grade my essays because I am
really bad at essays. I will be really thankful. 


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