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Shiver - pt.One (standard:romance, 3694 words) [1/5] show all parts
Author: Freya GriffinUpdated: Feb 27 2003Views/Reads: 1956/1370Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If you have a Coldplay "Parachute" CD, play it while you read my story :)

Shiver--part one >>Freya G. 

They've been friends since they were small. He's been around since she
can't remember when. Always. 

Chris Warren was the guy next door type of man. Claire knew him first at
thirteen when her family just moved in to Denver. He was her classmate. 
Unlike other boys who like to tease and being such a jerk to girls in 
their puberty—which sadly stays on until the end of the world—, 
Christopher Warren had always been so calm and mature. In this case, he 
became popular as a nerd, or a geek, a weirdo, name it. It is 
considered to be unnatural for kids that age to be calm and mature like 
he was. 

Claire quickly became friends with Chris. Although she was no different
to how other thirteen years old could be, she had always been consider 
herself as a geek, and was proud of it. She likes to be different. And 
she saw more in Chris Warren then her little girl friends of her seen 
him as. 

To Chris, Claire was the first person in his age that actually
understood him. He had friends, boys in his class, but they're just 
friends. Claire was something else. Claire was the first girl that was 
ever allowed in his room beside his mother. When he talked about his 
fascination to the old records, old unpopular music for thirteen years 
old, Claire showed her genuine interest. 

They became very close and hang out together often. Everyone at school
started to make fun of them. Calling them names, accusing that they had 
been going out, and all the silly things thirteen years old do. At this 
point Chris was worried that Claire would leave him. And this was odd 
since he never felt like that for anyone, ever before. She was his best 

Claire on the other hand, was feeling the same thing. She was afraid
that Chris would just walk away and didn't want to talk to her anymore. 
For her, Chris was the coolest person she ever knew beside her dad and 
brother. She likes being around Chris. Chris knew interesting stuffs, 
he never teased her about growing boobs and having menstruation. Unlike 
the other boys in school. 

She came to him on period break and told him his fear. Claire is gifted
with her ability to show her feelings and tell people what exactly it 
is in her mind. She's very outspoken, another quality Chris had always 

‘I need to talk to you. But not here' she hinted the urges in this
matter. Chris followed her to an empty class. 

‘Have you heard the stupid things they said about us?' she said clearly.

Chris nodded. ‘Yeah, a bit hard to miss when they are constantly doing

‘I want you to know that I think it's stupid. I like being friends with
you. What I need to know is, what do you think about it?' she took the 
time to said it slowly, to make sure he gets what she meant, and 
pressed on the ‘friends' word. 

Chris looked at her and smiled. ‘I think... they will be bored after
three months or so' 

Claire smiled back. ‘Good!' 

Secretly they both hoped that this will never change. It's so sad to
lose a friend who understands you very well. 

Christopher Warren was raised by a single parent with his two younger
sisters. Her mother was a hardworking, you-can't-get-me type of person 
who would do anything for her children. Mr. Warren died somewhere in 
the Alps about four years before. He was a nature-lover working for an 
environmental magazine. He was doing some story about the mountains for 
the magazine when it killed him. None of the Warrens children share the 
same passion for adventure like the late Richard Warren. Perhaps 

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