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Accidents Do Happen (standard:horror, 725 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Feb 26 2003Views/Reads: 2431/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's a Horror! Might contain some graphics that won't suit anyone below 17... *laughs evilly*

Accidents Do Happen 

Freya G. 

The most embarrassing thing happened last weekend when my boyfriend
spent the night at my place. In the middle of a steamy session under 
the sheets, some mechanism went wrong and my most intimate part let out 
a sound similar to the explosion of the A-bomb. To make it even worse, 
it wasn't just one time, but twice, in a row! And although my boyfriend 
didn't stop but I'm sure he heard it too because he paused for some 
nanoseconds between the ‘special FX'. 

I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. I even tried to suffocate
myself by burying my face deep on the pillows. It didn't work of 

I've read many women magazines with articles of tricks and tips on how
to survive a relationship.  I remembered reading about ‘natural gas 
explosion' accidents in some of the consultation columns. The best 
thing to do is to discuss about it when everything had calmed down, 
they said.  Yeah right. What should I say to him to start the 
discussion? 'Sorry about that but I promise it won't happen on your 
face' ? There is no chance in any civilize way that this kind of 
conversation could occurred. 

Upon facing a difficult subject that may cause future peril in a
relationship, most of the relationship gurus filling the columns would 
say something like 'Find the perfect timing to discuss a problem, 
usually when a man is relaxed, he would react normally to the problem 
and you can have a rational discussion with him' 

Ok, so my boyfriend was relaxed. He always does after sex. But I wasn't
relaxed. The terrifying sounds that was heard half an hour a go kept 
echoing in my head and I was restless, haunted by it.  I felt like I 
have to explain it to him, yet my conscience denied the whole thing. 
Naah, he didn't hear that. Just let it go and save yourself from a 
bigger catastrophe which WILL happen WHEN you starting to even try 
explaining it. 

The battle kept going on and on in my head. 

My boyfriend, all the while, was seemingly drowned deep in the book he
was reading. I began to doubt myself if he heard it or not. 

Sheesh, he heard that, he stopped there didn't he? 

No, he was not stopping. He was just slowing down a bit. 

Right. Whatever you want to call it. He heard it. 

‘Hon?', I was taken back from the invisible debate forum in my head. My
boyfriend was waving his hand in front of my nose. 


‘I don't know, you seemed lost a minute there. Are you OK?' 

‘Yes. Yes, I am OK. Perfectly fine', and the statement my mouth made was
booed by brain. 

‘Ok', he smiled to me and went back to the book. 


I secretly panicked for a while. My toes and fingers went so cold and I
knew I had to make some statement, some explanation, so he won't go and 
spread the story of me being a fart-bag to his friends in the coming 
future. Which might be soon, after he dumped me, for being one. 

My throat was dry but I knew I had to explain. This is a matter of
credibility. I do not want to be known as the girl who hid hydrogen 
bombs in her drawers. 

‘Nick, it wasn't...', my sentence sank before it reached the shores when
he turned his attention to me. 

‘It wasn't?...', he looked at me inquiring. 

‘It was not a fart',  I said quickly and waited for his reaction. It was
only a second but it felt like a million seconds for me. My heart 
missed a beat. 

‘I know' 

‘You knew?', he knew? 

‘It could happen sometimes, when some air is...trapped, you know, 
inside... and then it is pushed out by some... force', the way he 
explained it reminded me of my dad's effort trying to get through the 
birds and the bees scenario when I was fifteen. At that moment I swear 
I saw a halo above his head and I heard xylophones playing somewhere. 

‘Yes. Exactly what I was going to say', I said as I finally catch some
air after holding my breath for so long. 

He smiled to me.  ‘It did sound terribly loud, though' 


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