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Trigger Break (standard:action, 2771 words)
Author: NightfyreAdded: Mar 05 2003Views/Reads: 2980/1569Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two Marines take advantage of an opportunity, only to be taken advantage of...

TRIGGER BREAK by Brian Maag 

“We appreciate your doing this for us, Lieutenant. Your information will
be very beneficial to our investigation.” 

“Yeah, right,” Rocio mumbled with impatience. Let's just get this over

“Before we begin, I must remind you of the possible consequences
involved in waiving your first Miranda right. You have already admitted 
to being a part of this...operation, have you not?” 

“Look, if you want information, then start asking questions. I'm doing
this for John. Your investigation doesn't mean crap to me.” 

Rocio really hated this predicament. The idea of being questioned for
doing something morally correct made her stomach knot up. Here she was, 
sitting in front of an investigative panel, spilling details that could 
reward her with a prosperous life at exotic Fort Leavenworth. Too late 
to back out now. If they don't ask, I'm not going to tell. 

“Very well. You stated that on June 1st you were ‘pulled' into this
situation. Against your will, you said. Correct?” 

“Yes. You may have noticed that I stressed the ‘against my will' part.” 

“Would you mind telling us what happened that morning.” Something told
Rocio this guy's politeness was only as real as that three dollar 
toupee he wore. 

“Yeah, sure.” This is going to be a long day. 


Why did he buy a house with an east bedroom window, Rocio asked herself
as the sunlight snapped her from her slumber. Her appearance certainly 
fit right in with the state of the bedroom. She hadn't seen a mess like 
that since Candy Miller dumped the contents of her purse all over the 
cafeteria floor in seventh grade. The soiled clothes and mass 
collection of 18-and-older magazines was only part of the picture. 
There was only one human who could put out his cigarettes on the carpet 
floor and not give a damn. 

“John, wake up. It's 12:30 already. Time to see if Burger World is
hiring yet.” No response. Throwing her half-dressed body on top of his, 
she tried another tactic. “Get up now, before I sacrifice your 
collection of Jughead back issues to the gods.” At least that got her 
some kind of drugged-up response, something to the effect of “go 
ahead”. Pathetic, John. No endurance any more, huh? Leaving her friend 
to wake on his own, Rocio figured a shower would at least do her some 

Showers always made Rocio feel above the turmoil of her life. She had
decided to enter the Marine Corps in the hopes that she would earn the 
skills and, more importantly, the money for medical school. The 
decision broke any chances at achieving that dream. The rebellious 
attitude she took with her family left her no choice. They wanted her 
in college right after high school, just like all the “normal kids”. 
God, she hated hearing that all the time. 

Her folks wanted Rocio to be the savior of the world, just so they would
have something to brag about. They were never too proud of the mechanic 
and lunch lady titles they had earned. They wanted Rocio in med school 
for their own glory. How could I have ever made it in with a name like 
Rocio? Shouldn't they have thought about that? People with a name like 
that get caged up simply because it's not pretty enough. I truly wish 
someone, someday, would call me Rose. 

Things would be different then, she believed. She might have found
another way to pursue college, she wouldn't have fallen in love with a 
military rebel. Most of all, she wouldn't have given up her officer's 
career just to be with John. Four years of nothing except drinking and 
sleeping together. What a total waste! And just for a place to sleep 
and enough money to bum a smoke off the LA's finest homeless citizens. 
She heard signs of chaos going on outside. A sound like the bedroom 

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