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Why Oh Why (standard:poetry, 373 words)
Author: Akenshi DoeAdded: Sep 14 2000Views/Reads: 2696/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Why do bad things happen to people?

Why Oh Why 

Why oh why was this meant to be Why oh why did I have to see Should we
be like this til the end Or find a way to break the bend Life is too 
precious for this Yet we keep on flaunting it To show off ourselves 
Instead of protecting the shelves Which hold our life In the scripts we 
write Of this damned world 

Why oh why must we live like this Where our friends are treated like
piss Running down a hole to the ground Whereas we just stay Trying to 
be happy Rejecting bad feelings Even though our friends are bleeding 
Yet we do nothing 

Why oh why are some of us lonely Why oh why are people saying blow me
Why does this world think of sex not love When it is love that makes us 
better than mud Thats on the ground Trampeled on by the world above 

Why oh why is there no meaning anymore People, beating each ohter more
and more Trying to suck out the existence of others The friends of 
others Who get hurt by these actions and leave us Thus making us leave 
And to whom does this benefit? The Man up there? Or the man below? Why 
oh why must we use objects to solve our problems Instead of our minds 
and our hearts This world rips me apart This world shreds me to tears 
To some people this brings out the end And others this brings out 
loneliness And yet to others this brings out rage But for some, this 
painful thing, Brings out hope Hope for a new beginning Hope for an end 
Hope that this world just might still learn But we must take it one day 
at a time For the world is too stubborn For it cannot forgot the 
travesties it has borne upon the new generation which must hold up the 
torch of life and bring anew....... So I write This so dear to me To my 
love And my comrades I hope you all learn And bring love to this world 
Not hate Love each other Its the only way to bring out the best Mother 
Earth has to offer.... 



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