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Terror High (standard:Ghost stories, 303 words)
Author: Fantasy WriterAdded: Mar 08 2003Views/Reads: 2113/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Terror high.

Hi. My name is Mitchel Polan. I'm fourteen years old, and live in
Chicago Illinoise. I'm a freshman at Benjiman High, and I play the 
flute in band class. One day at lunch, went to the library to study. 
When I was looking for my science book, I stumbled upon a blank-cover, 
large sized book, that didn't appear that it could open. I took it out, 
and walked into a soundproof study room. I tried to open it, and I was 
right. It couldn't open. So I put the book in my backpack right when I 
heard the bell ring, then I walked back to class. And while Mr. Walkin 
was teaching, I looked at the wall behind him, and the whiteboard 
started to float. The next thing that I know, everyone was plain 
whit-eyed, stairing at the whiteboard. When I looked closer at them, I 
realized that they were hypnotized. I looked at the girl to the left, 
and she looked at me. Until her eyes turned into a glaring red. I got 
up, and slowly backed up to the door, when I bumped into something. I 
turned around, and I saw the principal. As pale as a dead man. His eyes 
were red as well. Suddenly, lights started to flicker. On and off, on 
and off. When suddenly, the principal grabbed me by the collar of my 
coat, and lifted me up. He inched me closer to his face, while his face 
turned pitch black, yet his eyes still red, and he told me, "You found 
the book at the wrong time, In the wrong place..."he hissed, and threw 
me against a wall. I was knocked out, until the next day. I woke up in 
a hospital, and I realized, I had red eyes, and a pitch black face, as 


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