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You Done Got Me Goin' Again.... (standard:poetry, 331 words)
Author: Finn McKoolAdded: Mar 14 2003Views/Reads: 1784/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Another poem about the favorite human past time from your good buddy Finn. You know you've been waiting in eager anticipation for it ;)

It starts with a simple squirm sigh or errant thought 

It moves from my aural receptors or tactile transceivers or cerebral
synapses throught out a series of chemical telephone wires 

Which are hardwired in a rats nest configuration throughout my body. 

It moves at the speed of thought. 

Through my spine sending shivers. 

Through my flesh giving me goosebumps. 

It makes my heart speed up. 

It makes my blood pump harder and faster 

(but it isn't it always harder and faster no matter how we may try?) 

Erectile tissue sprouts like a tree. 

All of the sudden I can't sit still and can only think of 

Soft flesh soft moans soft lips 

soft soft soft. 

And pink. 

Hot pink blushes soft pink skin pulsing soft pink heat down below. 

Is the temperature rising? 

Is your global climate warming and dampening in your equator? 

Mmmmm yes it is and I can feel it. 

I don't care where we are I can always feel it. 

Like inhaling pheronmones 

I know when I'm making you want to moan. 

Jesus, where are we? And when can we be somewhere else? 

Somewhere where we can do something about dumping all this energy? 

Our cores are overheating, our reactors are splitting 

With energy radiating from deep inside 

It's like a two ton tightened coil 

A lightening bolt in your pocket. 

It's just nature. Chemical reaction to emotional expression. 

Science doesn't wait for dinner to end or your friends to leave 

Or for you to get out of the mall and back to your car. 

It just wants to fog some windows. 

Mmm...I heard that. You moaned when I kissed you. 

When my lips brushed past your hair, just behind your ear and landed 

With a floating feather's touch. 

It looks like I'm just playing with your hair but we both know what I'm

I'm tightening your spring. 

I'm trailing my fingers across the nape of your neck ohhhh so gently. 

Jesus we gotta get outta here!


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