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The Phantom Stranger (standard:horror, 2935 words)
Author: Casey PoncianoAdded: Mar 31 2003Views/Reads: 1889/1174Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Donavan tried to avoid the ghostly figure on FR 597. Some people are afraid of ghosts. But what if they were trying to tell u something. Something that meant the world to u.

“I love you August,” I said to my girlfriend as I held her in my arms. 
She meant the world to me.  I loved being with her, and I hated when I 
had to go home.  I wished I was with her all through the night, but it 
was Sunday and I had to work the next day.  The week had gone too fast 
for me. 

“I love you too, Donavon,” she replied.  And I know I meant the world to

Then I took a step back away from her. “I'll see you tomorrow,” I said
as I lifted my left hand and placed it on her right cheek on her face. 
She felt so soft.  Then I moved my hand under her chin.  I lifted her 
chin and kissed her slowly.  Then we gave each other a long hug.  Her 
hair smelled beautiful.  Then we let go of each other and we looked 
into each other's eyes.  Her eyes were gorgeous dark-black.  I loved 

“Okay.  Be careful going home,” she said. 

“I will, baby.”  Then I walked away.  “Make sure everything is locked up
before you go to sleep,” I yelled at her. 

“I will,” she replied.  A week ago, there was a murder in New Deal,
which was another small town south of Abernathy.  It was a ten minutes 
away from Abernathy.  The murder incident consisted of a man, raping 
and killing a woman with a knife.  He slit her throat and she bled to 
death.  He had also taken some things from the house so the police 
assumed that it was a burglar who decided to do more than just steal.  
The police found the woman already dead when they got there.  The man 
escaped and no one knew where he was hiding out.  I didn't feel good 
leaving August by herself, but I needed to get some sleep.  I always 
ensured her to make sure the doors were locked. 

I walked toward my truck and I stopped at the driver's door.  I turned
around and looked at August.  She was standing in the doorway, waiting 
for me to get in the truck safely.  From a distance, she was very 
beautiful in her white nightgown.  I wished I hadn't gone, but I had 
to.  I stepped in the truck and turned on the ignition.  As I took off 
through 1st street, I waved at August.  She waved back and then entered 
her house.  She then turned off the front porch light.  I continued 
driving away from her house.  I loved her. 

The night felt great.  There wasn't any bad weather and the night was
cool.  As I drove out of the town's limits, I reached farm road 597.  
1st street was connected to this farm road and it took me straight to 
my house.  August lived in the town of Abernathy and I lived fifteen 
minutes away from her and the town.  August and I lived there all of 
our lives.  We grew up together as best friends and attended Abernathy 
school.  We both graduated together, but throughout our lives in 
school, we never dated until three years ago.  We were just afraid of 
what might happen if we did date each other.  But whoever thought best 
friends would make great lovers.  Now we were thinking of taking the 
next step.  Getting married.  I was trying my best to get her a ring, 
but the job I was employed at, wasn't enough. Six dollars an hour was 
not cutting it.  It was time for me to look for another job. 

Driving through Farm road 597, I thought about August and I.  The
thought about us being married and together was great.  Sometimes we'd 
talk about how the wedding would be and how our lives would be living 
together.  We both loved the idea.  We loved the idea of spending the 
rest of our lives together. 

As I continued to drive down 597, I noticed the moon outside in the
upper left corner of the windshield.  It was a half moon and a yellow 
dark color, and every once in awhile the clouds covered it, making it 
look very foggy.  I looked toward the front of the truck and observed 
the road I was driving through.  I could see all the rabbits that 
hopped on the side of the road as they scattered for cover because they 
were scared of the headlights.  I drove with caution because some of 
the rabbits would blindly jump in the middle of the street and they'd 
become road kills, and I did not want to do that to any of them.  Bugs 
splattered on my windshield.  That was one bad thing about living in 
the country.  Bugs would fly through the air like a meteorite shower 
and usually fly toward the windshield of your vehicle, splattering, and 
making it harder to see.  I reached for my cellular telephone in my 

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