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File 47 (standard:science fiction, 1457 words)
Author: darkcityAdded: Apr 01 2003Views/Reads: 2029/1151Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man comes to grips with the reality in which he lives.

FILE 47 

By Andrew Kerstine 

The swift breeze and eternal cornfields make up the landscape of the
Midwest. Where the roads stretch as far as the eye can see. Upon the 
never ending road, a beat up red truck comes into sight. The driver of 
the truck has been driving for the past two hours just to make it into 
Jackson before darkness falls. His name is Eric Collins. His profession 
is fixing telephone lines for the county. He has followed this 
profession for 15 years, just like his father did before him, before 
his death two years ago. During the occasional storm the phone lines 
tend to short out and that is where Eric Collins comes in. Eric 
approaches the telephone line, pulling right along side it in his 
truck. He hopes to fix the problem as quick as possible as he sees 
above him the sky doesn't look very promising. He gets out and puts on 
his tool belt, which is his family heirloom, and gets right to work. 
Eric begins to scale the telephone pole and a quarter of the  way up 
the pole the sky opens up and rain begins to poor. Eric realizes he 
won't be able to complete the job today. He then begins to go down the 
pole and the weather increases. The rain begins to poor rapidly and 
then it begins to lightning. The lightning comes very close of striking 
Eric, centimeters away, and then suddenly as he is almost down the 
telephone pole the lighting strikes the towering pole, sending him onto 
the asphalt. Eric lies unconscious after this unfortunate, but 
coincidental accident. 

The next day had arrived. Eric woke up with a throbbing headache and
clueless of his whereabouts. Luckily, the town doctor found Eric lying 
on the side of the road on his way home from dinner and took him to his 
home to treat his wounds. He began to shout, to find out where he is. 
Doctor Felix hurried through the living room with a glass of water and 
into the guest bedroom. Felix handed Eric the water and began to tell 
him what occurred and why he is staying in the doctor's house. Before 
the doctor could even utter a word, Eric says to the doctor, “I know 
you from somewhere.”  Have we ever met?” The doctor replied, “I don' 
believe so, I've never seen you before, until I picked you up last 
night.” Eric with a puzzled face isn't quite sure why he thinks he 
knows Felix from somewhere. “So...” “The name is Doctor Felix, you can 
call me Felix.” “Felix, what happened to me last night?” “Well, nothing 
that a little alcohol can't fix.” Felix replied, with a little smirk on 
his face.” Come on I'll tell you all about it after you take a quick 
bath and we'll go over to the café. “Alright that sounds good,” Eric 

Eric and Felix entered the café and found a booth near the back of the
cafe by a dusty window, in an almost empty 50's café named Diamond 
Mike's Café. “So that is how you found me last night?” Eric said to 
Felix. “That is pretty much it, oh and by the way I never got your 
name.” “Oh, my name is Eric Collins, I'm from Landside.” “Really, I 
have some family that lives close to there, near Buxton, but I haven't 
seen them for quite some time,” Felix said. Then the waitress who is in 
her early twenties comes over to take their order. Again Eric gets 
another feeling that he has met the waitress before, and this time he 
hollers out her name.” Sarah Adams?” The waitress looks at Eric with a 
puzzled face.” Excuse me, my name is Dorthy.” He stares at the waitress 
with a deep glare, positive this time this is someone he knows.” I'm 
sorry about that. I'll just have the BLT and a strawberry milkshake 
please.” “The same for me,” said Felix. The waitress roles her eyes as 
she walks away from the table. “Eric, what is wrong, that is the second 
time today you have misjudged someone that you thought you knew.” “It's 
hard to explain, but last night in my dreams I dreamt of all these 
different places and people who I know from somewhere else, including 
you and our waitress, but you weren't who your are right now.” Felix 
confused by what Eric is telling him and wonders if it was really worth 
helping Eric the night before.” About how many dreams do you remember?” 
said Felix. “I'm not sure, but the dreams felt like déjà vu, but not, 
as if I knew you in a different period of time,” replied Eric. “It 
sounds like to me you are suffering from a minor concussion and all 
your dreams that you had are just that, dreams.” “No, these are more 
than just dreams, its like I met and knew all  these people and have 
lived in these different places before in a different period of time, 
don't you think it is kind of odd. Its as if we have been controlled by 
something of a higher power and we have been forced to live all these 
past lives.” “Now Eric you are just speaking gibberish, what do you 

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