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Hate (standard:drama, 584 words)
Author: allyndreiaAdded: Apr 03 2003Views/Reads: 1992/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is a story of hate, no more no less. Just pure unadultered hatred.

She remembered the first time that she had ever really hated him.  They
were sitting at the dinner table, her, trying to make her parents proud 
with news of the day and he interrupted.  He explained that with his 
friends he had tried a cigarette for the first time that day, but he 
didn't like it, so he wouldn't do it again.  The first thought that 
entered her mind was What an idiot! But her next thought was much more 
subtle- why not me? She worked so hard to make them proud but he had 
come into their life and suddenly the focus of attention had shifted.  
She was no longer the queen of the household.  His antics and his 
events were more important, not to spite her but because he was 
different.  She hated him for that, the way no one should ever hate 
anyone else.  She didn't think of herself as mean, but she knew deep 
down that she was as cruel and heartless as the witch that kept 
Rapunzel in the tower. 

All her friends saw it, how this mild mannered girl turned green with
envy and black with spite.  She spoke poorly of him, but he continued 
to do no wrong and because of this she hated him more.  She blamed her 
hate on a lack of sleep, girl's problems, a bad day, or event hat he 
was really always in the wrong.  Deep down she always knew what was 
really the problem... she was a horrible person.  There was no other 
way to explain this: hormones, nature, behavior, none of them could 
describe her mood towards him.  As the year progressed, she went 
through stages of really wanting to be his friend, almost being his 
friend and wishing he didn't exist.  It was so hard to tell if she 
would make it through the year.  Every time she saw him she began to 
lose value.  When she thought about it, she solved it a million times, 
but each time the success lasted only a smattering of minutes. 

She hated seeing him first thing in the morning, because she would be
sour for the rest of the day.  It was so hard for her to overcome these 
petty dislikes and they tormented her constantly.  All the sudden this 
hatred started to affect her self-confidence.  She began to think that 
no one could ever love her and that she was an awful person.  She 
believed that she could do very little right and didn't deserve any 
respect.  She wasn't seriously affected for a long period of time.  She 
got over it most of the time and lived a normal life, but whenever 
things went slightly wrong, there was no hope for her.  She would cry 
or snap at him, she even left town, but nothing helped.  She gave up so 
much to have him there, but she never let him forget it.  With him she 
did not possess the skills of grace.  He never fought back, and that 
was the worst of it.  He was so perfect, she never felt adequate in his 
presence.  His grades were better, he had more friends, he was by far a 
much nicer person, but some how she could not like him.  It began to 
consume her and eventually she stopped speaking completely, afraid of 
what she might say to him and what the repercussions might be.  
Hopefully, with this silence, she would fade into the background and 
never have her spiteful face seen again. 


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