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To love Again (part one) (standard:romance, 439 words)
Author: White TigerAdded: Apr 10 2003Views/Reads: 2160/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a girl who slowly learns to love and care for men and relatives after a terrible experience.

In a way I think my summer vacation was actually good for me. My
glorious summer at Grandma Jean's. I learned many things that summer, I 
learned that not all people, and men in particular are the same. I 
learned that you can lose and then love again without even knowing that 
you are in love. That is what I learned from a little cottage on a 
ranch in Oklahoma with a boy I will never in my life forget, Adam 

As I got out of the car I synced that this vacation at grandmas was not
like others? I was not going because I wanted to, I actually want to be 
anywhere else than in this litter town in Oklahoma. But this was a 
punishment for the little mistakes I made so often as mother put it. 

Really she reacted rather well for what had happened. That night I had
snuck out to see Robby my boyfriend. For some reason I have no idea 
why. I though him the best thing that could have ever happened to me. 
Never before had I thought of men as the enemy. But now in my mind I 
thought of all men as evil, vile, nasty, perverted and mean. 

What happened was that night at Robby's house he was having a party.
There where only four girls and about nine guys so I didn't think much 
of it. Then as the night went on I noticed the guys got rather drunk 
and the girls being very smart staid sober. Then all of a sudden all 
the girls where pushed back into the corner we all started screaming 
but no one could here us , Robby lived in the middle of 
bye one they took us out thinking to rape us. But as they took a hold 
of me the cops broke in. later on I learned that one of the girls had 
been in the bathroom and had called the police from her cell phone. 

When I got home I sat with my mother and cried. I vowed that never again
would I trust a man .not even my father. So I was sent away until the 
commotion at home was down. I hated this place. I had no privacy, no 
one to talk to, know one to spend the loneliness with. But I soon would 
find that grandma jean and Adam would change my mind about this farm 
and men. I would grow to love the grandma I had met twice but never got 
to know and the boy I think I had been waiting for all my life. 


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