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The Third Planet- 1. Beginning of Life (youngsters:fantasy, 1409 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: fissUpdated: Feb 13 2004Views/Reads: 3262/1672Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Evil has encountered the sun and plans to take over the Universe. What can the surviving prince of the sun, Azyla, do to save the other species?

Everything is as normal as usual, and perhaps nothing¡¯s going to

I went into homeroom, I found surprisingly that, Rosy is in there (Her
name is Rose, but I like calling her Rosy).  It¡¯s not like Rose 
doesn¡¯t ever come into this room, but she only comes often for science 
class and to ask Mrs. Mountain questions, but this is the morning!  
What is she here for?? 

What¡¯s even more surprising me, was that Rose seems to be waiting for
me.  She looked up as I came and placed my pack on the table and smiled 
at me.  Then shi went out. 

I stood there a moment, puzzled all over.  Her smile was so mysterious,
like I¡¯ve never really known who she was.  And was she really waiting 
for me?  May be she was just fooling around and met me by accident.  
Who would want to wait for a stupid-fat looking normal, un-popular girl 

But the day did start out strange, because about 3 minutes later, Rose
came in again, with Amy on her ankles.  There is no one else in the 
room but me, and they just sat down right beside me.  I ignored them, 
kids just like doing weird things sometimes.  I took out a book and 
begin to read.  They sat side by side with me for about 5 minutes, 
watching me.  I read and read, getting more and more uncomfortable.  
Suddenly Rose poked me really hard with a sharp diamond ring of her 

¡°Ouch!¡± I yelped. 

And the door was swung open, Mrs. Moulton came in.  Amy, even more
quickly, smacked my forehead so hard that I jumped up. 

¡°Hey girls, having a good time?¡±  Mrs. Moulton smiled at us. 

¡°Sure!¡± Rose answered quickly, showing on a sweet smile. 

¡°Well, class is starting in 4 minutes, would you like to go back to
your own room than?¡± 

¡°Okay, Mrs. Moulton.  See you in science today.¡± And with that, Rose
left, with Amy still on her heels.  After the door opened, my homeroom 
classmates started to come in.  Why did they stay outside until 4 
minutes before class?  Why did they start coming in exactly when Rose 
and Amy left??  Was it connected?  Or was it just by chance? 

I wandered through the rest of home base period. 

The bell rang, people rang outside to play and get fresh air.  I slowly
stumbled outside, taking in air slowly and feeling them closely.  I 
sense power in the air, in water, when I do anything I feel a power in 
a way.  With air, with water, with fire, with plants, the earth, I feel 
it, it¡¯s there.  Only I don¡¯t know how to use it or prove it to other 

Never mind that power, I told myself again and again, because I am
tired.  I am tired of this school, this home, and this place!  I need a 
new life, I want adventures, change something!!!! 

I thought all the way as I walked slowly, blindly over the playground. 
Suddenly a bumped into a boy. 

I looked up, the boy was about 3~4 years older than me. 

¡°Help¡­¡± he said, and he suddenly tripped on himself.  He fell down to
the ground. 

People around were staring at me, with laughter in their eyes.  I can
feel their visions burning through me.  But, I ignored.  It¡¯s the best 
way to face life, ignore it.  I bent down and offered the boy my hand. 

¡°People, look!  Linda is feeding a beggar!!¡± Hai min, a boy I consider
quite annoying, cried out.  The crowd roared with laughter. 

¡°No, it¡¯s her son!  Don¡¯t you see??¡± 

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