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Peace and Quiet (standard:horror, 3030 words)
Author: Casey PoncianoAdded: Apr 11 2003Views/Reads: 2626/1196Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Raymond had a terrible day at work. All he wanted was some sleep. Some peace and quiet to sleep. But some people should always be careful what they wish for.

It was four o'clock and it was time to go home and relax.  I was having
a bad day at work already.  Don't get me wrong, my job was easy.  All I 
did was listen to Tele-marketers solicitate to customers on the 
telephone.  All I did was sit down for eight hours, by a computer, with 
a pair of headsets on and listened to Tele-marketers solicitate.  Easy, 
it was, but I had a terrible headache.  And then, to make it worse my 
supervisor yelled at me.  And when I ordered lunch, they gave me the 
wrong order.  I wanted to be home.  Home sweet home.  All I wanted was 
to go home and take some aspirin and sleep.  All I wanted was some 
peace and quiet. 

I got in my car and I turned on the ignition.  I turned on the radio to
hear what they were playing.  They were playing one of my favorite 
songs and I started singing along with the song.  I exit the parking 
lot of my work place.  On the streets, I drove slowly.  I wasn't in a 
hurry to get home.  Even though I was eager to get there.  But I had a 
huge headache.  People honked at me because of the slow driving.  A guy 
driving an eighteen-wheeler yelled at me and gave me the finger.  I 
didn't care; I just had a bad day at work.  My headache bothered me 
severely.  Someone at my job offered some aspirin and I took them, but 
they didn't help.  I had some stronger stuff at home.  All I needed was 
some sleep.  Some peace and quiet. 

I continued to sing along with the song they played, but then all of a
sudden there was a special announcement.  It interrupted the song and 
my singing.  I hoped the announcement was important. 

“...We interrupt this station for a very special report.  Here's David
Smith at News channel 12.  David,” the announcer said. 

“...Sorry about this interruption.  Police have informed us that the
convicted serial killer, Jerry Luke, has escaped from the Lubbock 
prison.  This man is very dangerous.  Please if you do see him, do not 
approach him.  Please call the police.  He has been convicted of 
killing eight people, which included the two Covington children.  
Please watch out for this man.  The police do not know where he is 
hiding out...” then I turned off the radio.  I remembered the incident 
of the two Covington children.  It occurred two years ago.  It was a 
very bad tragedy in Lubbock.  A couple, making out in the park, found 
the two children hanging by their legs on a tree.  Their eyeballs and 
tongue had been cut out.  Jerry Luke said that the Covington children 
were too loud so he showed them some manners.  The other people that 
Jerry Luke killed were also murdered in such awful ways.  I felt sorry 
for those families.  Then, about a year ago, the Lubbock Police caught 
Jerry Luke. He was convicted for the death sentence, and they held him 
in the Lubbock prison.  But I guess they couldn't hold him because he 
now escaped.  An awful day at work and now this.  What else could go 
wrong?  All I wanted was to go home and have some peace and quiet. 

As I pulled into my block, I noticed a blue mini-van parked in my
driveway.  Then I remembered that it was my sister with her three 
children.  I had forgotten they were going to stay with me because 
Philip and her were having a separation.  She asked me if the kids and 
her could stay over.  I said yes, but I forgot it was today.  Now I had 
noisy kids at my house.  I looked up and prayed for some peace and 
quiet.  As soon as I pulled into the driveway, my nephews, Jesse and 
Michael jumped off of the van.  Jesse was five and Michael was seven.  
My sister, Sarah, got off too, holding her little one year-old daughter 
Christy in her arms.  Don't get me wrong, I loved them and they were 
good little children, sometimes, but today was not a good day too have 
noisy kids at my house.  This headache was killing me.  I just wanted 
some peace and quiet. 

I parked my car and I got off.  Jesse and Michael ran to me, hugging my

“Hi, Uncle Raymond,” they both said. 

“Hello kids.  Are you doing alright?” I asked. 

“Yeah.  But momma and daddy had a fight again.  Momma said we're going
to stay with you for awhile.  Is that true?” Michael whispered to me. 

“Yes it's true,” I replied. 

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