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Yet Another Composition From My Windowsill At Midnight (standard:travel stories, 160 words)
Author: Finn McKoolAdded: Apr 17 2003Views/Reads: 2690/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Another one I wrote long ago.

The bloated moon 

Waxing waning full new 

The night breathing 

Cool inhale 

Warm exhale 

Midnight smokes a cigarrette 

Time draws out 

Like a long Kansas road 

Boredom over takes 

And the minute hand edges on 

Like magic menaces 

Never moving when you're looking 

They stand stock still 

When you're bored enough to watch the clock 

You get distracted, look away 

And they pounce 

That moment 

Has flown the coop. 

Lost in an ocean of 

Moments gone. 

Yet here the poet sits 

Daring the pain of dreams 

Risking the chance of hope 

Place your bets 

Heads or tails 

Simple propositions 

Made by conman magicians 

In your head 

Do you dare eat the peach? 

Do you dare to dream you can? 

The poet dares. 

But I don't want to 

Be afraid 

Afraid of the dark 

Losing the adventure 

And mystery it holds 

Nor do I wish to 

Fear the light 

And refuse to face the dawn 

And the destiny of my dreams 


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