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My Vision Is He (standard:romance, 499 words)
Author: MECAdded: Sep 14 2000Views/Reads: 2899/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short story about a high school girl's dream of her true love in another life and her reunion with him in her present life.

Sage had been having dreams lately. Visions would be a more accurate
word. Visions of a man and crashing waves. And throwing herself in to 
the sea. Her mother told her that she had second sight, a form of 
psychic ability. Sage believed in reincarnation so she thought these 
visions must have been of a former life. The night before the first day 
of her senior year, Sage had the most vivid dream since they had begun 
at the beginning of the summer. 

The visions came together and formed the story of a life. The man in her
dreams was the love of her previous life. She lived not far from the 
sea and her lover was a sailor. One bright day, she saw him off on a 
voyage. The day he was supposed to return a menacing storm raged and 
the ship did not appear. For days, she paced the widow’s walk, 
anxiously awaiting her love’s return. On the 7th day, she received news 
of the sinking of his ship. She stumbled from her room and out of the 
house in the direction of the cliff that overlooked the sea, not far 
from her house. The cliff that she and her lover met on. As her tears 
fell faster, she began to run. She was the wind as her foot touched the 
last bit of earth before there was no more. She soared over the waves 
until the sea and her dead love claimed her once again. 

Sage jerked awake at the seven a.m. alarm, soaked in sweat. The sea blue
eyes of her lover beckoned her in her mind. Two weeks later, their 
teacher announced that a new senior would be entering their homeroom.  
Engrossed in the woes of teenage romance, written in a note passed to 
her, Sage didn’t notice the new student. Hearing a body slide into the 
vacant desk next to her. Her head raised slowly as if in a dream. Sea 
blue eyes beckoned her and she passed out. 

Awakening three hours later, the smell of bleach assaulted her and her
eyes focused on a sweet looking woman in a nurse’s uniform. “Go back to 
sleep, honey. You need it,” the nurse softly spoke. She was groggy. And 
her eyes seemed too heavy to keep open. As they closed, the sound of 
violent waves got louder and louder. She opened them. Waves crashed in 
front of her. She closed. She opened. She saw the fuzzy outline of the 
nurse, and then she slept. 

Back at school the next week, the young man caught up with her. “I’m
Erik,” he said. “Sa-“ “Sage” he whispered, as if he had missed her. Her 
chest began to heave. Erik started across the parking lot. He stopped 
and he turned. Sage closed her eyes. “Erik” she breathed. She opened 
them. And walked, stumbled, ran, soared toward him. Enfolded in his 
arms, their lips touched.  The sea rose over and through them. And 
claimed them both together forever. 


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