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Carousal of Discontent (standard:poetry, 192 words)
Author: Elizabeth SpencerAdded: Apr 25 2003Views/Reads: 1902/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem written with our society in mind. A thought provoking peice that I hope will spur those who give the subject a moments thought the knowledge that they are not alone in their concerns. A call to action is heard!

A carousal of refrained concern carries apathy around and around.
Closing his eyes offers little immediate danger. 

I hear his silent mutters as he grabs for the gold ring hanging on a
hook of compromise. 

Apathy saddled with blissful moments, found in drug and drink; faintly
elevates giving way to gravity. 

Riding on hopes of feeling life's thrill ringed in cheap brass. 

Passion's lie churning like lava pits of dignity within earth's bosom.
It rumbles beneath the surface fearing cremation if caught within. 

Apathy's self-protecting gift; a bland, thoughtless, security blanket
from controversy. 

It's woven texture divides one from integrity, allows fear to breath >  
         and holds a safe distance from self esteem. 

Apathy has built environments on foundations of acceptable    greed,lies
and discontented yes men. Subtlety obvious his nursery, manned 
by....... a paradox of circumstance allowing him to replace 
accountability with a new car, love for lust and morals for money. 

From peasant to president all men are created equal in the world
of...............,         apathy. 

The carousal goes round and round... life's passion pony's bouncy,
carefree! OH, well, sluff it off. What can one man called apathy do? 

Elizabeth Spencer 1/19/02 


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