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The Kiss (standard:horror, 3313 words)
Author: Casey PoncianoAdded: Apr 30 2003Views/Reads: 1955/1222Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Abraham was ready to party and meet a girl. He does meet a girl, but realizes she isn't an ordinary girl. But he finds out too late.

“Beep, Beep!” I heard outside.  I looked through my bedroom window to
see who was honking.  It was Allan.  I ran downstairs to the front door 
and I grabbed my coat. 

“Mom, I'll be back later, okay,” I said. 

“Okay, Abraham.  But remember I don't care how long you stay out, but
you have to get up for Sunday mass tomorrow.” She said. 

“I will,” I said.  It was Saturday night, and my friends and I were
going to a party.  My mother trusted me going out and staying out late. 
And only if I agreed that I would be at Sunday mass the next morning. 

“Mom, I'm leaving now.  I'll see you later,” I said to her. 

“Okay Abraham.  But remember about Sunday Mass,” she said. 

“Alright.  Bye-bye,” I said and walked out of the door.  I walked to
Allan's car.  In the backseat, I saw David lighting a cigarette and 
beside him was James.  I looked at James as he blew the smoke away from 
his face from David's cigarette.  He raised down the window to smell 
the fresh air.  I walked up to Allan's window. 

“What's up Abe,” Allan said to me as we exchanged a handshake.  “You
ready, man?” he asked. 

“Yeah,” I responded. 

“Let's go.  Get in,” he said.  I walked to the passenger side and got in
the car. James was complaining to David about lighting his cigarettes 
in the car.  Allan and I just looked at each other. 

“Calm down guys, we're going to party tonight.  We are going to meet
some girls and have some fun.  We're going to get all fucked up,” Allan 
said.  And that was true, I wanted to have a good time tonight.  Allan 
turned the ignition on and away we went.  As we drove to the party, we 
all talked about what we've drunk and what we thought was the best beer 
or drink.  Then we talked about girls.  We all talked about whom we 
have been out with and how far we got with them or whom we slept with.  
I never actually slept with any girls yet.  Everyone in that car knew I 
was a nineteen year old virgin.  I was scared to take that step.  There 
were so many controversies on having sex when you're a teenager.  
Teachers taught us about incurable diseases or unexpected births.  I 
didn't want to be in one of those statistics.  I was too young to be a 
father and I was too young to catch anything.  I don't know if it was 
just something that I was taught to do when I was younger or something 
that my parents believed in.  I was a catholic, and my mother believed 
that a couple must be married before having sex.  Both of my learning 
and my beliefs stopped me from having sex.  Don't get me wrong, I loved 
being with girls, and I loved making out with them, but sex scared me.  
Most kids are having sex when they are ten or eleven years old.  I 
don't understand how they are able to do that.  I remember when I was 
that age, the only thing I was thinking of were video games and 
cartoons.  The times have changed. 

We finally arrived at the house of the party.  It was a two-story
bricked house. 

“Whose house is this?” I asked. 

“It's Samantha Stevens,” David said.  Samantha Stevens, I thought to
myself.  I remembered her; she sat in front of me in geometry class.  
She's also very pretty.  “It's a nice house,” I said. 

“Yeah, it is.  I think she's rich or something,” James said. 

“Who got invited to this party?” I asked. 

“Allan did.  She said it would be alright to bring some friends along,”
James said. 

“It looks like everybody from high school is here,” Allan said. 

“Yeah,” I replied.  Allan parked and we got off the car.  Allan looked
at the mirror to check his hair.  I looked at James as he checked his 

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