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"What Lies Beneath the Bed" (standard:horror, 398 words)
Author: c_hernandezAdded: May 10 2003Views/Reads: 1941/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is about mind things that are in a childs imagination a lot of kids think that there is something beneath their bed but there really isn't. This all takes place in the little girls room where she is scared out of her whitts and is never seen again.

The little girl lay motionless and noiselessly, almost dead to the
world. She lay trying not to breathe so hard, but her heart began to 
race uncontrollably as if it were going to fly right out of her chest. 
Slowly, she sat up then peered over the edge of the bed. Lucky for her 
she saw nothing nor heard a thing. Calming herself back down, she 
leaned back to let her head fall into the silky pink pillow that 
cradled her small head. Thinking to herself, she thought that the bed 
was probably hugging and protecting her. 

Underneath her blanket; she grasped her teddy bear tightly, not wanting
to let go. Rustling came from beneath the bed, then a loud shriek! The 
little girl scared out of her whitts began to continuously sob quietly. 

Then mumbling she said, Go away. . .Go away. . .leave me alone. The
shrieks grew louder until she could no longer bare to listen anymore. 
Within a second she leaped out of bed with her teddy bear in hand and 
blanket at her side. She lunged for the door, but suddenly was yanked 
back. It seemed as if she were latched on to something, either that or 
there was something on the other end of her blanket luring her back 
beneath the bed. 

She cried out, MOM! MOM! HELP ME! No one seemed to hear because no one
ever came. Everyone but her was sound a sleep, dreaming sweet dreams 
while she was having a nightmare that seemed to surely never end. 

Slowly, she glanced over to find two hideously pale hands, with razor
sharp claws clinging on to the ends of her blanket. The two pale hands 
appeared to be growing closer and closer till she finally realized that 
she was sinking deeper and deeper into the dark shadows beneath her 

As morning grew closer the little girl's room became silent. There was
nothing to be seen out of place and nothing missing, but the little 
girl was no where to be found. There was no trace of her anywhere but 
her little blanket, which lay across the floor next to her bed. 

Till this day no one really knows what happened that night in that room.
. . will the truth ever be unmasked? What was it that scared the little 
girl so bad, what really lies beneath the bed? 


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