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The Box (standard:horror, 701 words)
Author: EdAdded: Sep 14 2000Views/Reads: 3277/4Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A package at my front doorstep turned out to be the worst thing i'd ever recieved

This is my first story..... please give some input 

I was walking out to get my mail and saw this box. It was a refigerator
crate. My name was on it, along with my address, but no return address 
or any marking what so ever of where it came from. I dragged it inside 
and then, realizing i'd need a crowbar, went next door to borrow one 
from Mark. He had a co-worker and after telling him what i needed and 
why they both decided to come over. He grabbed his crowbar and we went 
back. After spending a couple minutes prying the old rusted nails out 
of the box we pulled off the lid to discover it was full of shredded 

"There's got to be something in here" mark said as he started scrounging
around the box. He finally pulled out a human skull. "Oh getting ready 
for halloween already?" he asked as he shoved his hand back in and 
shuffeled the papers around some more. All of a sudden he screamed and 
pulled his arm out to reveal that his arm had been ripped off at the 
elbow and now all that was there was a bloody stump. "ha ha ha good 
one" jim sarcastically said. i just stared at mark with an utter look 
of horror on my face, i knew he wasn't that good of an actor. Mark 
collapsed into the box face first and jim said "ok stop it's not very 
funny" he turned mark over, but mark no longer had a face. Jim screamed 
as a scaley, red-eyed beast jumped out of the box. The beast was about 
6 1/2 feet tall had a long tail and sharp claws (on both hand and foot) 
and sharp fangs. Blood dripped from his mouth as he eyed the 2 of us. 
Suddenly he jumped onto jim and started ripping his chest open. As i 
heard the sounds of ribs being visciously snapped in the beasts jaws 
and jim screaming i ran as fast as i could out of the house. 

I got into my car and drove a few blocks away so i could clear my mind
and think of what to do. I needed to figure out who sent me this deadly 
package and how to get rid of it. I grabbed my cell phone out of the 
glove box and dialed 4-1-1 and asked them for any stores or places to 
get information about deamons. The lady sounded a bit pissed but found 
one and connected me to them. After giving an explanation to the person 
i was connected to they told me what incantation i had to say and what 
i would need to do and find to destroy it. I thanked him profusley and 
hung up. 

I drove back hoping the beast hadn't gotten away because i would need to
get awfully close for this to work. I jogged the premiter of my house 
and seeing no broken glass or holes in the wall i figured it was still 
there. I quitely entered the house and began to frantically search the 

Finally i found what i was looking for, an amulet. I grabbed the amulet
and just as i was about to begin the incantation i heard a deep heavy 
brething behind me, smelled the foul smell of human flesh and blood and 
felt the warm air and saliva of the creature on the back of my neck. I 
began to mumble the incantation hoping i would be able to finish. I 
turned around to face the creature and saw the jaws dripping with 
blood, the blood from both mark and jim, and saliva. The creature did 
not appear as if it would bite me and just as i was about to finish the 
spell to send this deamon creature back to the hellish place it came 
from i felt a slash across my stomach and looked down to see my pale 
intestines fall out all over the floor. I looked back up to the 
creature as it's jaws opened wide and it's head swooped down. I felt my 
skull being crushed as the preasure increased on my brain. 
Then................ nothing.


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