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Confession (standard:romance, 336 words)
Author: confusion0800Added: Nov 26 2000Views/Reads: 2548/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
finally telling him what's been going on in my head

I've tried to get you off my mind- I went as far as trying, trying not
to talk to you- not to hang out with you- not to worry- but I never 
succeed, because I care! I try to get you off my mind, but I don't have 
the time. You are there always, and you don't even know it- Yes I'll 
admit, I think about you, all the time... However, it's hard for me to 
show it, hard to show because- my friends, my SO-CALLED friends, think 
that I shouldn't give you a chance. But they are wrong, I KNOW THEY 
ARE- they are WRONG because I still get butterflies, when I see your 
face! And oh the thought of being with you, makes my heart race! You 
see there is this feeling inside that I get when I'm by your side. I 
cannot begin to explain it, because I have nothing to compare it too, 
but let me try. The way I feel, when I'm with you happens to be 
remarkable. It's like I'm on cloud nine- I feel like, as long as I'm 
with you, I'll be just fine! I feel completely comfortable there are 
things I would like to do with ONLY you- and not with anyone else. I 
would not be afraid of you meeting my friends or family, I would be so 
PROUD to introduce you! Adam, when I was with you- I felt happy all the 
time- the only time I was sad- was when I think that you will never let 
yourself love me back. So there it is Adam, This is what I'm trying to 
say... I think about you, Adam I think about you everyday- You are the 
first thing on my mind when I wake up, and the last before I go to 
bed... what I feel for you Adam, isn't just a simple like. To me it 
feels like love, A love that I have felt, only for YOU, Adam, YOU and 


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