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IN THE DARKNESS (standard:poetry, 205 words)
Author: CousaAdded: Nov 28 2000Views/Reads: 2241/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about the fear of someone stalking you,


The man who follows me, wants to kill, 

My heart is pounding, and won't be still. 

The fear that I feel is very real, 

His footsteps come closer and closer, it seems, 

I find myself hoping it is all just a dream. 

Bur, reality hits me square in the eye, 

Telling me to run, or I will die. 

The harder I run, the more scared i get, 

I cannot let him catch up with me, yet. 

I need a place that's safe to hide, 

Before long he'll be right by my side. 

I shudder and tremble and tears run down my face, 

There must be a way I can disappear without a trace. 

The shadows are looming, the night is black, 

The streets are empty as I stop in my tracks. 

Footsteps behind me, I hear, so clear, 

Someone is approaching, I fear. 

Could it be him? Could it be? 

I can't turn around, but I need to see. 

There is something cold against my throat, I can't seem to talk, 

I can't scream now, blood is all over the walk. 

I fall to the ground, his move he has made, 

My life is now over, with the cut from his blade.


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