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Food and Heaven (standard:Psychological fiction, 517 words)
Author: akAdded: Jun 22 2003Views/Reads: 2388/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An obese woman looks for food and heaven. Quite by accident, she finds both in the same place.

Food and Heaven 

By Kira Pirofski BA, MA 

One look at her body told her story. She loved to eat and to cook.  It
was not just that she was obese, it was the way in which she was obese 
that cued you into her obsession with food.  Her arms were rounded at 
the elbows from decades of baking cookies, cakes, pies, and muffins.  
Years of carrying bags of groceries, pots of boiling pasta, and used 
pots and pans had fixed her arms at her sides like a robot.   Rolls of 
fat bunched at her shoulders and back; the accumulation of too many 
calories and too many hours in front of the stove. 

Her days were spent poring through recipes and writing grocery lists. 
She managed to drag herself to work a couple of hours a day to support 
her addiction to food, but she did so with great reluctance.  Her sole 
passion was food; buying it, preparing it, eating it, and storing it. 

Although she thought of herself as a great chef, no one else would eat
her food.  It was too highly spiced, too greasy, and too labored.  So 
she ate her elaborate meals alone.  She ate lying down.  Each meal was 
consumed in her bed, plate balanced carefully on her stomach.  She 
would work her greedy mouth in small, fast bites, swallow, then ready 
her fork for the next portion. 

This behavior had persisted for 35 years.  She had no guilt regarding
her gluttony.  She had never dieted, the only exercise she got was 
while she shopped, cooked, and ate. 

The world of cooking and eating she created and occupied was heaven for
her, but it wreaked havoc on her body.  High blood pressure, high 
cholesterol, diabetes, and arthritis were destroying her.   She refused 
to see a doctor, but finally her health condition became one she could 
not ignore any longer. 

The doctor curtly told her she was dying.  Food was killing her.  She
had no option but losing 150 pounds.  She listened to the doctor, but 
had no outward reaction to what she heard.  She neither agreed to diet, 
nor defied his edict. 

The mute, silent blob listened pleasantly to the nutritionist,
dietician, and RN who designed a bland, boring, restrictive 500 calorie 
diet for her. 

What did she do next? After squeezing behind the steering wheel of her
van, she maniacally turned on the ignition.  The speedometer reached 
150; it was the exact number of pounds she had to lose.  Without a 
thought she slammed into the nearest fast food restaurant. 

The glass door shattered instantly, French fries mixed with blood,
hamburgers dripped onto the shaken diners, and milkshakes splattered 
the walls and dripped down the faces of the dead and dying. 

Her head smashed through the windshield, and her obese body landed with
a thud on the order counter.  Fried chicken wings, super sized 
cheeseburgers, and tacos piled on the top of her stomach.  With her 
last breath she reached for a piece of pie, and then her head dropped 
to her stomach. One belch and she was finally in heaven. 


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