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Kinda Lost In My Own Way (standard:poetry, 160 words)
Author: padAdded: Jul 03 2003Views/Reads: 2319/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About the first real relationship when everything's changed and everybody's full of advice for you.

a whisper through the line, 

“make him yours, take the label, 

“treat him as a servant would define, 

“he's to beckon, he's your cradle, 

“and the harvest will be fine.” 


this advisor that direction, 

“think of where it is to head; 

“not always to escape detection 

“from cupid's arrow's stead; 

“obey the heart and its affection.” 


another murmur more to study, 

“don't be the fool, my girl, 

“use protection, know this ‘buddy' 

“you're still a child, mind's a whirl; 

“don't trust uncertainty, be ready...” 


and the chorus did appeal, 

“that bastard's not worth your time, 

“his character, influence, a shoddy deal, 

“your first lover should be sublime; 

“find another for which you feel.” 


loving as they intend, I know not where to go, 

such differing opinions, and still no place to stow 

my thoughts, no category or path to follow, 

but my own belief, to simply ‘go with the flow' 

and abandon the antiquated rulebook's show. 


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