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Drinking (standard:fantasy, 1568 words)
Author: Dru JAdded: Jul 07 2003Views/Reads: 1702/1131Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Once upon a time a very long time ago a woman sat down next to me in a bar and asked me to tell her the story of my lives...

Once upon a time a very long time ago, no it might not have been that
long ago. What is the date today? Really, thats the day? Well then it 
wasn't that long ago indeed. I sat where I've sat every night for a 
great many years. Now it seems that a bar sits there, once it was a 
hospital but that was indeed a great many years ago. Now I was sitting 
there thinking as I always do about things that had come and gone and 
people I was thinking that night alot about people. Ahh yes place can 
easily be forgotten or muddleded after a great many years but you never 
forget people, no they stick with you forever. 

Well I was lost in thoughts about well I'm not even sure now who I was
thinking about when a woman sat down next to me. At first I didn't 
really notice I was far to entranced by the bottom of my shot glass 
perhaps there had been whiskey in it that night I really can't remember 
and am not sure if it is really that important. The same drink had been 
sitting there for as long as I had and probably stayed filled even 
after I left that night. Now this woman was in no way special sitting 
on a bar stool every night for as long as it had been a bar you see a 
great deal of people come and you see the same amount of people go, 
this woman was nothing special. Yes, nothing special until she started 
to talk to me. For the most part I ignored her but she wouldn't leave 
me in peace to contimplate my drink. "What do you want?" I finally 
remember growling at her. I suppose it wasn't truthfully a growl as 
that would lead you to beleive that I was some form of animal and while 
I must admit I have began to doubt how human I am I know that I am no 
animal. She did not seem taken back in the least by my lack of manners 
in greating her infact she giggled which made me wonder how much she 
had been drinking that night. 

"I want you to tell me about your life." I can remember a warning light
going off in the back of my mind but quickly I discarded it no there 
was no danger here. Nothing more then a tipsy woman trying out a weak 
pick up line. 

"I was born grew up worked and now have found myself here hopping for
the end." 

"How very sad." She smiled and lifted a drink. Yes simply a woman deep
in her cups wanting to take him home. "It must have been a long few 
centuries." That warning light flared to life again and remained on for 
a time. 

"Do I truly look that old to you?" I laughed the sound was hollow but it
was the best I had ever been able to accomplish laughter had never come 
to me willingly before. Yet I doubted she knew that no indeed she 
seemed to take the laugh for a real laugh. 

"You don't look a day over thirty." 

"Now you are being overly nice I'm not that young." I contimplated for a
moment downing the little shot of liquid that sat before me. It was the 
first time I can remember ever feeling any desire to drink the normal 
amount of booze I bought night after night. 

"No you don't look a day over thirty, you haven't since I first saw you
and I couldn't have been more then five years old then." The warning 
light was now screaming yes yes I understood I should have listened to 
it in the first place but it had been a long time since any one had who 
looked closely at me for long enough to note that I was well less then 
normal. "Tell me how old are you?" 

"I fail to see what it is wrong of a man to ask a women her age but a
woman can openly ask a man his age and expect an honest answer." She 
smiled and seemed to consider this for a time. I watched her intently 
in the mirror behind the bottles of alchol. She was by no means a young 
woman perhaps she was fourty maybe fifty I could never tell. No she was 
old enough to have been watching me for a great many years if the first 
time she had seen me was when she had been five years old. 

"I'm old enough to know that you should be closer to seventy years old
then thirty." 

"Ah but plastic surgery is a beautiful thing isn't it?" 

She laughed now, a less then pleasent sound. I remember wrinkling my

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