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The Peach Colored Dress (standard:other, 626 words)
Author: AbbyAdded: Jul 26 2003Views/Reads: 2814/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When all else fails, let fate determine your destiny. That's what I did when I went in search for the perfect party dress.

The Peach Colored Dress 

by Cindy Im 

When all else fails, let fate determine your destiny. That's what I did
when I went in search of the perfect party dress. 

Several hours before lunch, you are shopping for a dress at Macy's so
you will be able to look nice for a fancy party.  As you are wandering 
around the dress section of the store, you spy a beautiful, attractive 
red dress.  It's an absolutely perfect long, and one piece dress. It's 
also red! 

The red dress extends down to about the middle of your calves and it has
real jewels lining from the right shoulder and wrapping around the 
dress, like an extended twirl.  The dress has one centimeter spaghetti 
strap sleeves, crisscrossing at the back, causing the back line of the 
dress to reach down to about the middle of your shoulder blades. Along 
with the dress is a hairpiece, a pretty clip on rose just to go in your 
hair and matching red heeled-shoes.  This dress is made of silk, 
colored red, has spaghetti straps, comes with matching shoes and a 
hairpiece, also sparkles when it catches the light, and you know it's 
perfect.  It also fits you.  However, it's too expensive!  Except you 
really want it. 

At the same moment, you also see another dress,similar, but simpler. 
Red, spaghetti straps, satin, and very shimmery.  It's also very 
pretty.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, you really want the expensive 
dress so you're not too keen on buying the other one.  Luckily, an 
intervention shows up.  You're getting hungry!  Therefore, you follow 
your stomach and eat Chinese food at Panda Express.  While you eat, you 
ponder upon the dresses you have seen at the store. You are so lost in 
thought that you don't realize you've eaten everything-and that's a lot 
of food you ordered. 

Consequently, when you go back to the store and try the dress on again,
you realize it no longer fits because you've eaten too much!  
Unfortunately the store closes before you can buy anything.  Panicking, 
you hurry over to your friend's house to see if she has any dresses you 
can wear.  Luckily, she's home and she has just the thing you need. 

You end up borrowing your friend's dress and it looks a lot better
because it's peach colored, has soft floral patterns that aren't too 
noticeable, and two dragon designs whose heads are imprinted on the 
shoulder straps of the dress. 

The dragon's bodies twine around the dress and their tails end up
intertwining at the back. One pair of dragon eyes glows with rubies and 
the other pair glows with sapphires. In addition, there are a few gems 
that sparkle along the scales and the claws glitter with many colors.  
The dress gently flows down to your ankles, with a slit up the left 
side, going up to your knee.   This allows you enough freedom to move 
around without being restricted to a few inches.  In fact, it looks 
kind of like those Chinese dresses!  On the collar of the dress, there 
is a slight cut in the front-side-left, like how it looks in pictures.  
Instead of the traditional flower, there is an emerald.  Another part 
of the dress is two wrist bands that are soft and smooth with miniature 
dragons on each band.  The set is completed with a pair of peach 
colored heeled shoes. 

The night you attend the party, many heads turn to look at you and your
gorgeous dress.  Looking around, you spot someone wearing the exact 
dress you wanted so before. However, you're glad you ended up being 
unable to buy it. After all, if you had bought it, chances are, you 
would have never known about the dress you are wearing tonight.


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