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The First Rule of Business (standard:adventure, 1297 words)
Author: akAdded: Jul 26 2003Views/Reads: 2260/1220Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Even ambitious business women have to be loyal to friends. That is the first rule of business Ruby Gonzalez learns.

The First Rule of Business 

By Kira Pirofski B.A., M.A. 

Even ambitious business women have to be loyal to friends.  That is the
first rule of business that Ruby Gonzalez learns. 

Rudy Gonzalez sat in the truck and fiddled with the radio station. She
couldn't decide if she wanted to listen to rock and roll, or salsa.  
Finally she settled on silence; this decision lasted a minute. 

“Mama, hurry up, I want to get home now!” she called to the tall brown
woman who carried an earthenware bowl. 

“Always impatient, always in a hurry. What is the rush Ruby?” Mrs.
Gonzalez asked quietly, and then she continued slowly, “You know I have 
to deliver three more orders then we can go home.” 

Ruby was in a hurry, not to get home, but to go to her friend
Esperanza's house.  She and Esperanza were going to make jewelery that 
they could sell at the flea market on Saturday. 

Ruby and Esperanza had met in third grade art class. They had been
friends ever since.  Every week they sold hand made jewelry for $3.00.  
So far, they had earned 500.00 which Mrs. Gonzalez had put in the bank 
for Ruby. 

“Mama, remember, Esperanza and I are going to make more necklaces for
Saturday?” Ruby knew her mother remembered about taking her to 
Esperanza's house. She also, knew that her mother had to deliver the 
food orders to Ruby's Kitchen customers, the catering company Mrs. 
Gonzalez owned first.  She was just, well, in a hurry. 

“Ruby, I told you I would take you, but I said no more beads. You have
spent too much already, don't you know the first law of business is 
save, not spend your profits?” Mrs. Gonzalez had explained the rules to 
Ruby, and she expected her daughter to listen. 

“How can I make jewelry with out supplies? Don't you know the first rule
of an artist is to have all the supplies you need?” Ruby shot back to 
her mother with a smile. 

“Use your imagination for supplies, bambino,” was her mother's equally
fast reply. 

Mother and daughter drove on to the next houses to make the deliveries. 
The next house was huge with green lawns filled with playing children, 
yapping lap dogs, and landscaped gardens.  After her mother delivered 
the goods, Ruby could see the children snacking on the chicken tacos, 
and eating the taco salads made from her mother's secret recipe. 

When Ruby snuck around the back of the house of the next customer, she
spied a kidney shaped swimming pool.  Women with deep tans, the same 
color as Ruby's skin, splashed in the waters. At pool side young men 
and women ate the nachos, drank the margaritas, and dipped crisp 
tortillas into the creamy green guacamole Mrs. Gonzalez had prepared. 

The last stop was Ruby's favorite. It was an enormous wooden house on
the hill with tall willow trees, abstract sculptures painted in bright 
colorful hues, and a swing on the porch. Music blared from the house. 
Usually it was Aretha Franklin or The Drifters.  Today is was the 
Beatles; Ruby's favorite. 

Ruby ran out of the truck and sat on the swing while she waited for her

She was hoping that she could talk to Marietta, the artist who owned the
house.  They always shared tips on jewelry making, and Marietta and 
Ruby exchanged ideas on design. 

“Ruby, if you are in such a hurry, then don't start talking to Marietta.
You and she yak too long. Just wait outside, I'll be right out,” called 
her mother as she carried in a tray of red snapper with Verde sauce. 

“Um,” was Ruby's reply. 

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