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Pink Me (standard:romance, 1551 words)
Author: AbbieAdded: Aug 02 2003Views/Reads: 1970/1302Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Corey,a blue haired, punk teen fantasizes about a pink party dress. Meanwhile, Andy fantasizes about asking her to the prom. Will both get their wishes? Read on and find out.

The Punk wore Pink 

"So, uh...are you going to the prom?" 

My best friend, Andy, looked down at me with his hazy eyes and jet hair
black hair. I'd realized from the beginning of the year just how much 
taller he'd grown, and how he looked even cuter than I first thought a 
long time ago when we were both in the fifth grade. 

"No," I replied, shaking my head, and staring at the Finch shirt Andy
was wearing.  It was a black shirt with a picture of a broken heart, 
flaming with a green fire. 

"Why not?  Don't you think it's gonna" 

"You know I don't like wearing dresses, and getting a "hairdo" done," I
let out a weak laugh as Andy's face showed a little disappointment. 
"And besides, I don't think I can even fit into a prom dress." 

"Oh come on, don't say that," Andy said seriously.  His eyebrows
narrowed, and I think he really meant it. 

We kept walking and an awkward silence blocked us.  The street led to
the great mall, and in front of a huge glass window of a store; prom 
dresses were displayed on mannequins. 

On one of the mannequins was a strapless, light pink silk dress, that
had little, white, sparkly jewels attached to the bust.  A pink rose, 
with leaves decorated in black stuck on the left side of the top.  
Mesmerized, I stopped and stared at the pink, silky dress that 
glittered beautifully in the afternoon light. 

"You like that?" Andy asked softly into my ear.  Then he smiled, "YOu
like it don't ya?" 

My was awakened by his voice, and I shouted, "No, no! it''s pink."

"Hey, I think you'll look good in that dress." 

I imagined myself in the dress.  My pale white face with messy dark,
blue dyed hair, and a nose that dress?  It didn't match at 

"Let's move on, I want to go home now." 

The mall is where I pass every day to go to Andy's house, and where we
practice our new song.  I always look at the pink dress, displayed 
behind the glass window, and I can see a vivid reflection of myself in 
the glass.  A small and petite girl, with the messy dyed hair tied 
simply in a ponytail, with an electric guitar slung on her shoulder.  
She always glared back with angry eyes that scared me.  I would then 
continue walking, realizing that the girl with the angry eyes was me, 
and thinking a hardcore girl would not fit into a "girlie" looking, 
soft pink dress. 

Finally, one day, Christine, a friend of mine, dragged me to the prom
dress store.  I rolled my eyes all the way to the mall, while Christine 
kept on shrieking in a shrill voice that she had found the perfect 
dress for her. 

"It's like the cutest dress I've ever seen," she said.  I rolled my eyes
again. "You've got to see it," she persisted. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I rolled my eyes, then shut them tight to shut out
her shrieking. 

She grabbed my shoulder and stopped me right in front of the prom dress
store.  "Look, isn't that beautiful?" she asked as she pointed to the 
one of the dresses. 

I opened my eyes, mesmerized again, and whispered, "" 

It was the pink, silky dress I had seen with Andy. 

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