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The Final Blow (standard:mystery, 494 words)
Author: KinslayerAdded: Aug 14 2003Views/Reads: 2421/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A boy is found sitting on the curb, the streets are empty.

The wind ripped through the city streets sending tiny bits of confetti
spinning in the upward draft. The echo of a crowd long gone still 
echoed between the buildings. A child sat on the curb, the only one 
still left from the roaring crowd. He did not speak or move instead he 
stared blankly at the empty street. 

Light could still be seen peaking from behind the buildings, although
the world now felt cold and empty. He tried to stand but his legs 
wouldn't allow it. There was a parade at one time, a most certainly 
grand one, but now all that was left were tiny scraps of paper. 

At this time of day the street should be filled with cars, stopped at
lights, swerving in and out of traffic. Now the traffic lights were 
out, caused by an electric “push” of energy. 

It was suppose to be a grand time, trumpets blared and people lined the
streets. It was the first time we were to actually meet them. It was 
going to be a time for prosperity, the dawn of a new world. We were to 
have technology beyond our greatest dreams. Mankind would never be the 

Positioning themselves in all major cities and sending a message to the
world governments for everyone to gather, they explained to us what was 
going to happen. Asking for no televised accounts of the gathering, 
explaining that it would interfere with their technology left people 
the only option to come to the sights to see them and the ship. 

The cattle had been herded and from there the extraterrestrials were
free to pick through the people. When they made the announcement that 
we were to be “harvested” the boy did not run, instead he slid through 
a storm drain, being small, he fit easily. In a matter of hours every 
man, woman and child had been gathered. 

They left the speaker on, so everyone could hear as the ships directed
over each area gathering people by the dozens. When one ship was full, 
another would arrive and continue where the last left off. 

The opening speech began with the explanation of why there were
abductions, saying that there were more diseases then we realized. As 
one would develop that could devastate the worlds population, they 
would remove it at the source. On occasion, one such disease would 
develop in an animal, so it would be destroyed. Now there was an ample 
supply of us, so we could be processed and distributed for feeding. 
There was no reason to worry; fifteen or so would be saved to be place 
back on the planet to restock the supply. 

When it was over, the boy crawled out and searched around, there was no
one. So he sat on the curb. All he could do was sitting and waiting, 
hoping someone else survived, or that those people were to be dropped 
off near by. Until then he was alone. 


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