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A Coyote (standard:Creative non-fiction, 322 words)
Author: timsterAdded: Aug 18 2003Views/Reads: 2333/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A collaborative effort between Timster and Pitterpat. Happy Birthday David.

The Coyote 

Our statement is they are the smartest and most adaptable creatures on

I lived in Ramona for many years and they were rampant there.  My
partner in Iowa has had the same run in with these spirited creatures.  
How do they survive in drought, flood or wicked winters?  They have 
learned to use humans for their survival.  During the drought years 
they learned to raid the trashcans and dogs water supply to continue 
on.  To see 50 or 60 cans knocked over on trash night was not uncommon. 
 My dogs were inside dogs late at night and in the morning their food 
and water was gone.  Those coyotes knew when to jump over the fence 
without fear of retaliation. 

Coyotes fear things bigger than they are, and know how to avoid them. 
In the Sierra's, bears and coyotes fight for the same food source.  A 
coyote will not fight a bear one on one for a rabbit.  On the other 
hand, a pack will arrive and distract the bear, while one steals it 
away.  They work as a team when the growl in their stomach drives them, 
pretty smart, indeed. 

In times of rain and lush vegetation, they keep their distance from
humans; there is no need for them.  When times are good they tend to be 
loners, not needing the services of others.  Plenty of rabbits and 
possums' around make an easy kill.  There is plenty to go around. 

A coyote I know has lived in drought, flood and without fear of life. 
Actually he survives whatever the circumstance, a debilitating disease, 
bad writers, or just life itself.  This coyote is not discouraged by 
any of that.  He continues on, with hope for others around him. 

I wish he was just ours, but he belongs to all of us.  Let's treat him
that way.  Yes, those coyotes are very smart.  Our coyote is very 

Timster & Pitterpat 


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