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The Best Unit of All Time: The Almighty SCV (standard:science fiction, 1014 words)
Author: AlexAdded: Aug 27 2003Views/Reads: 2074/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Which unit is the best-SCV, Drone, Probe, or the Zerling? Read one guy's opinion and see if you agree.

The Best Unit of All Time: The Almighty SCVs 

My name is SCV, I am the unit that is well known for being the most
useless, and the cheapest of all.  If you know about Starcraft, we are 
worth 50 minerals.  As a physical laborer, it's hard for us to earn a 
lot of income.  Nevertheless, those of us who get to build the 
buildings are considered lucky.  The 4 SCVs in the beginning who were 
forced to mine for minerals are considered the unlucky ones.  Whenever 
a battle begins, we always get killed first.  In Starcraft, you need a 
lot of minerals to build items, such as Barrack, and Factory. 

The gamers hold stereotypes against us.  First of all, we are not
robots. We're only humans riding inside of a robot's body.  We are 
humans who control the movements of robots called, "SCVs." People 
misunderstand us because we don't leave blood stains when we get killed 
in battle.  However, like other units, we are human too.  Just because 
workers like Probe from Protoss, and Drone from Zerg, gamers categorize 
us as only useless workers, that doesn't mean we aren't human. 

Keep in mind that we are different from them. First, if you look at
Probe, they are the ones who are pure robots.  You must be out of your 
mind, or have a problem with your eyes, if you think Protoss is a 
living creature.  I would say that you have to be attacked with 
irradiate if you don't see Protoss as a living creature.  Go ask Medic 
to restore Probe.  Probe is just a machine programmed to build and to 
mine.  Don't compare them to great technicians like us.  Let's see now, 
for Drones...Drones are like cloned animals with only one cell.  They 
don't have an ego or a self: they just work until they die.  We are in 
no way like them.  We, SCVs, are more advanced than those scums. 

In order for us to go on the battlefield, we have to pass the hard
training and strict education inside the Command Center.  We, the SCVs, 
are elite technicians compared to other useless workers like Drone and 
Probe.  Thus, as a result, our energy is sixty, whereas, the Marines, 
who use Stim Packs are only worth forty.  To tell you the truth, the 
ranking between the Marines and us is same Privates. 

The only difference between them and SCV is that Marines are in the
combat sector, and SCVs are in support and supply sectors.  That is why 
our duties are different, even though we are in the same rank.  Marines 
are useless without the almighty Medic.  Never underestimate the power 
of SCV, unless you want to be fried in our welding machine. 

If you look at the rest of the units, and look at us, we are the only
ones who can actually melt those minerals.  Think about it, not only 
even the most expensive Battle Cruiser and the most powerful weapon, 
the Yamato Gun, can destroy a single piece of mineral.  If you ever 
tried to attack the minerals with any other weapon, except SCV, you 
computer might say something like this, "Unable to attack," and the SCV 
can attack the minerals when Yamato Gun can't. 

Don't you think we are the most important unit of all?  If you think so,
you can applaud us.  Oh, by the way, Probe and Drone can also mine 
minerals.  The main difference between them and us is that the Probes 
use Psionic Rays to split minerals, and Drones are stupid enough to dig 
minerals with their tiny claws. 

Zerg and Protoss are like the most important race because they do not
know how to use civilization's conveniences.  There are no other races, 
or units which have as high an amount of energy as us.  We deserve to 
earn respect.  Ghost is only forty-five, and Firebat is only fifty.  I 
don't even want to mention the Marines.  Medic has the same amount of 
energy as us, but they are women, so they get special “protection” from 
the Command Center.  That is why Medics can't attack us.  The reason 
why our energy is so high is that even the Command Center recognizes 
our strength and agility. 

Even the Zerglings can't follow us unless they have upgraded their leg
speed.  The Zealot, also known as,” The Master of Swords,” is obvious.  
With those heavy swords in their hands, it's hard for them to catch up 
with us.  We are so flexible, so that when the Marines get attacked by 
the Zerglings, they can pass through the mess without any scratches. 

Our duty is to supply and to build and to repair other units.  But one
thing we don't understand is why the gamers send us to the battlefield. 
 They should send out the Marines, or Firebat, or Ghost.  When we are 
sent out to the battlefield, we are very eager to kill.  However, the 
orders from Command Center are totally bizarre.  We don't understand 
why we should build Bunkers or Missile Turrets.  It's like totally 
impossible.  But somehow we manage to build them. 

Some people use us as a reconnaissance or as a patrol unit.  They could
use the great machine called Comsat, but in the beginning, the gamers 
preferred us not to get on patrol to the enemy base.  It's like we are 
a multi- purpose unit.  We provide minerals; we build structures, 
repair high class units like Seize Tank and Battle Cruiser.  However, 
other race's workers like Drones and Probes; they can't even repair a 
single thing. 

We are proud of ourselves, because we do tasks like Seize Tank and
Battle Cruiser.  You may call us useless SCVs, or give us a bad name.  
However, for one thing, we can do a lot of things no other units can 
do, and we are proud of it.  Today, our force is going to face another 
battle.  I don't know which task I might be given, but as usual, I'm 
putting my welding machine into the minerals to give supplies to my 
precious Commander Center. 


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